Eks Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Global Warming

eks Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Global Warming

Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wb

 Ladies & Gentleman, the first im grateful because i given chance by my english teacher and all of my friends to bring this speech this morning about global warming.

            Well, as we know that global warming is such a disaster for our country and for our world that give a serious problem for our next human generation.

Global Warming is a reason why our world temperature is getting hot. Nowadays the temperature take about more than 30 degrees Celcius, and with that number of temperature the ice in South Pole and North Pole are getting melt, and in my opinion slow but sure that the ice in South Pole, North Pole and Greenland will be vanish, because of the ice melt processing, the sea level in our world getting higher, and the area in the world that still under the sea level will be troubled for flood. As a result, our world temperature is getting hot because of the use of cars emission and industry pollution that waft about in our earth atmosfer and make the ozone decreasing, so the sun light can break through the earth ozone and trapped in earth atmosfer until the earth become more hot than usual. There are a lot of bad impact for our world if we dont stop the process of the global warming now. First, we will be lost much land and many area in the world that still under sea level will be troubled for flood. Many people will lost their home because no one want to live in a dangerous places. Second, the environment will be shattered, weather and climate in each places will be changed without permission. And the last is we will not breath with a fresh air again.

we should stop global warming as soon as possible, how to do that by reduce the use of cars emission and should find the new alternate energy that good for our environment.
Second, we should stop chop down the trees with big quantity, because the trees can reduce the pollution by released Carbon dioxide. Third, we should put the garbage in the right place, and do replanting the trees, every each house in the world must put one tree standing in their garden in case to reduce the pollution.

Im at the end of my speech today, I do apologize if I said something wrong. So lets keep our earth clean and safe! If not us who else? If not right now there is no future because time is never getting back. Thanks for your attention.

Wabilahittaufiq walhidayah wassalamualaikum. Wr. wb

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