Pidato Bahasa Inggris : The High Caries In Children

The High Caries in Children

Topic: High prevalence of caries in children

Specific Purpose: informed to people that caries in children need to be treated early


Rising of dental health in modern times but the prevalence of caries in primary teeth among children under five is high

The importance of oral health care

Body Paragraph 1

Opening : The children who have high caries must get special treatment

Detail : Eating habits

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Opening : The next of caries treatment

Detail : Oral hygiene

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Opening : The next of caries treatment

Detail : Dental health education


Dental health in children is very important to prevent caries and hope caries will be decreased

The High Caries in Children


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20120340084/KG 4

Assalamualaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh

Good morning ladies and gentlemen

The Honorable Mr. Ajar Sagobi, the teacher of English subject

And dear all beloved of my friends

Oral and dental health has increased over the last century but the prevalence of dental caries in children has remained a significant clinical problem. Dental caries is decay of the teeth or holes in the teeth. It is one of the most common diseases which affect humans especially children. There is a survey said that the prevalence of dental caries in preschool children in Jakarta is 89.16%. It shows that the decay occurred without handler. Though child’s dental health will ultimately determine the health of permanent teeth. Indeed caries can be prevented early on the children. In this occusion i would like to discuss about how to prevent caries in the children.

First, Children consume food that contain sugar. Eating habits in children greatly influence on children’s teeth. Consumption of food and beverages containing sugar between meals and at eating is associated with increased of caries. Bacteria thrive on sugar and an acidic environment – the more sugar thay have, the more acid is formed, and the more the bacteria thrive and multiply.

The second is oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is also very important in the prevention of caries. Brushing teeth is an easy way to maintain oral hygiene. Brushing teeth should be taught to children at any age. Children under 5 years of age can not brush their teeth individually, so the parents should help them to brush their teeth at least until the children is 6 years old.

The last is dental health education. Education for parents to care oral health of children needs to be improved. It starts by introducing the correct way to brush their teeth, when the right time to brush teeth, how to care for tools for dental care, regular visits to the dentist every 6 months. When parents give dental health education to children, it should like motivating their children to clean their teeth and avoid the word of "threat" like "If you dont brush your teeth and then your teeth will be extraction in the later". This makes children afraid of the dentist because they think that dentist will do an act that hurts.

Ladies and gentleman

That are description that I can say on this occasion, I hope from now caries will be decreased and it can achieve healthy teeth for Indonesian children. Thank you for attention.

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb

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