Pidato Narkoba : Dangers Of Drugs For The Younger Generation

Dangers of Drugs for the Younger Generation

Good morning,

Greetings to all of us. Thank you for the time given, on this occasion I will bring a speech titled”Dangers of Drugs for the younger generation, especially students.”

In an age of the modern era, today we are familiar with many young people of our nation mired in promiscuity, which leads to drug use. And we are very regrettable fact that most students fall into the world of medicine, because of wrong in choosing the association.

On this occasion I will explain that how drug danger for our future, what we as students must learn, not for drugs that can destroy our future.

Some negative effects of this drug :


Where users will be hallucinating (seeing something that was not there).


Accelerating job organs like the heart and brain so that users feel more energetic for a while. Because the organ continues to be forced to work outside normal limits, long nerve will be damaged and could result in death.


Users will feel the passion that will perform a variety of ways to continue to eat it. If users can not get it, his body will be there in critical condition (withdrawal).

I only recommend to my friends stay away from drugs, because there is absolutely no benefit to us contrary to destroy our lives. Let’s think positive, stay away from problems instead of using drugs, because it only adds to our problem becomes a lot.

The future of the nation and the State is in our hands, let us not damaged our nation simply because of personal interest. Let us build our nation without drugs, by mutual interests.

Similarly, the contents of my lack of short, speech and strength were compared I apologize for your attention I say many thanks.

Greetings. Good morning.

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