Pidato : Good Morning All

Good morning all

The honorable my teachers, and my beloved friends . We must give thanks to our god, because of gods blessing we can stand here until today . First of all , I would like to introduce my self. My name is Ratih Widyandari.

My beloved teachers and friends ,

Today I will deliver a speech about Yogyakarta has beautiful scenery.

My friends,

Yogyakarta is located in central Java-Indonesia, where everything was cheap. Enough with Rp 200.000 you can stay, eat traditional cuisine of the famous, and rent a bike to explore the beaches pristine and ancient temples thousands of year old.

A thousand year ago, London was the center of the ancient Mataram kingdom prosperous and has a high civilization. Who founded the kingdom is Borobudur Buddhist temple which is the largest in the world, 300 years before Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Other relics of Prambanan, Ratu Boko Palace, and dozens of other temples that have been restored and are still buried under the ground.

My beloved teacher and friends ,

Six hundred years later, Panembahan Senopati estabilish Islamic Mataram kingdom in the region. Yogyakarta once again be witness to the history of the empire who controlled the island of Java and ts surroundings. Islamic Mataram Kingdom was leaving a trail of castle ruins and royal tombs in the town now known as the silver center in Yogyakarta.

I think thats all, thank you for your attention.

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