Pidato Champion : A Very Good Morning To The Honourable

Contoh Pidato Champion : A Very Good Morning To The Honourable

A very good morning to the honourable judges, ladies, and gentleman.

Years have gone since ourforefathersdays where development occurs at a slow

pace, but since the introduction of merely a small electronic chip that propels the

evolution of technology, our lives had changed forever. Ahh.. when talking about

technology, we are talking about something important, indispensable, inspirational

and serves as a pioneer to thenationsadvancement. WithGodswill, I will be

elaborating a topic about development through Technology. Why should technology

be deemed as something important we might wonder? And why do technology

seemed to be inferior and unapplicable in the development of certain third world

countries like Indonesia and Vietnam? Steve Jobs once quotedTechnologyis

nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically

good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.

We can deduce here, that, if and only if technology falls into the wrong hands,

disaster is bound to happen. But on the bright side, Technology, when being put into

optimal usage, can produce a positive paradigm shift for the country in all aspects,

ranging from agriculture to the business world, or even in the medical field and also


Technology possess an unlimited potentials, and with great potentials,

comes great evolution. Using telephones which are wired and stationary are now

matters of the past. Thanks to few brilliant and innovative ideas from technological

prodigies like Steve Jobs and Bill gates, we now use phones which are wireless and

portable, not to mention those fancy applications that come with it. We can browse e-

mails, socialize, purchase, and even complete assignments using our computers or

smartphones. Do each or anyone of you share the same insatiable curiosity like I do,

regarding how all these are possible? Yes, you got it right. Technology is the answer!

With a few genius tweaks being made to the initial ideas using chips and blue plans,

an unprecendeted changed walked through our lives.

Remember, the capabilities of doing these tasks, makes our daily lives

more efficient than you can ever imagine. Malaysia, as a proud developing country

had utilised technology fully to invoke growth. This can be observed with the usage

of computers to manage the financial and networking system of the country. Android

and the IOS for example, is no stranger in our lives. Millions of application are

developed recenlt to satisfy the ever-evolving needs of mankind, be it socializing on

Facebook at Starbucks or watching Youtube videos at the local laundry, on your

phone.Technology had filled the void created by generation gap, particularly in

education. Certain individuals would question this statement, butImhere to clear

every qualms about this matter. Take for example, Finland, where education is free for

all, yet they still do not dismiss the privilege of using Technology to augment their

education quality. I cherish the fact that Malaysia had begun to followFinlands

footsteps, specifically, by making good use of technology in our education. Just using

textbooks in classrooms might already be cadences of the past. Open your hands

widely and welcome the dawn of technological advancement in the classroom.

Schools now have computers, teachers now teach using the computers, and students

learn through the computers. And thus, efficiency is ensured. Informations regarding

Biology or Chemistry is not beyond our reach. The latest mathematical formulae is

metaphorically staying at the of out fingertips. Rest assured, Education is forced to

evolve, and this evolution ensures a positive paradigm for the country.

Moving on to the Internet, ahhthe Internet. Perhaps one ofmankinds

greatest innovation. Without it, Idonteven think I might be able tolikemy

friendsprofile picture on Facebook. But my dear friends, never be intimidated by

evolution or change. As passage of time flows, humans learn to learn through a

variety of methods, and using the Internet is one of them. Individuals develop

themselves by searching information and learning skills through all the materials

available on the Network of Knowledge, or better known as the Internet. Remember,

when the community equips themselves with knowledge development is bound to

occur in our country, Malaysia. Self-learning is no longer elusive thanks to the

internet, and is no longer a nave dream.Theresa very popular quote to describe this

situation,Givea man a fish, and he will eat for a day, teach a man how to fish and he

will eat for a liufetime. Rather than just feeding the community with knowledge, we

encourage them to learn to gain knowledge which is crucial in attaining permanent


As human beings it is a norm for us to overlook the small matters.

Technology, as ridiculous I might sound, forges a strong bond between friends and

family. And what does forging a positive bond between them has anything to do with

thecountrysdevelopment you might ask? Filial Piety and love are two external

factors that serve as a catalyst in we humans. With technology nowadays, it is easy to

make video calls through phones and computers. We talk to family members through

Skype and Facebook, and share informations with them. All these will indirectly

motivateoneswill to sthrive for success. In pursuit of happiness, people educate

themselves so that they remain competitive in this world, but they need support of

their loved ones to do so. Facebook, Twiiter, Sina Weibo, Blogs, which utilizes

technology makes this possible.As we all know, desperate times need desperate measures. The world

is facing the wrath of globalization. It is up to optimize technology to make this a

positive matter.Letsmake technology as a pioneer in thecountrysdevelopment,

for the sake of the 1 Malaysia Nation. May God shine a ray of hope upon us. And

may God bless Malaysia, technologically. Thank You very much.

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