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Pidato Bahasa Inggris: Kisah Nabi Muhammad SAW

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb

Honourable teacher, Honourable headmaster, Honourable committee, Honourable audiences, And all my loving sisters and brothers.

Alhamdulillahirabbil aalamiin Assholatu wassalaamu ala asyirofil anbiyaai wal mursaliin waalaa aalihi washah bihi ajmaiin, amma badu.

First, I want to say thank you to Allah, who give me a time to speech in this special moment. Also to Prophet Muhammad, his families, and his friends.

Praise be to Allah, who give me a time to speech in this special moment. the Creator of everything in this universe, lord of the lord, the owner of all mercies that has given them to all mankind without discrimination, believer or unbeliever.

Prayers and regards we should send them to our prophet Muhammad SAW, his families, and his friends. the simpleman who change the darkness to the clean and ideal life, and the patient man that could spread Islamic law in Arabian and the whole world after his death.

On this occasion I will deliver a speech entitled The story of the prophet Muhammad SAW

Ladies and gentlemen!

Imperceptibly, time goes quickly. we have entered the month wrote in this month which had been born a great leader of humanity. leader of the prophets of God who became the light on all light, pinned on him by the title Habibullah is a lover of God, namely Sayyidina wa Maulana Muhammad. Our prophet was born from among the Quraysh with his mother Aminah bint Wahab and his father Abdullah bin Abdul Muthallib. when he was born he had become orphans because when he was still in the womb his father had left him forever.

Prophet Muhammad grew up as prepossessing figure and manners. his height character makes him was given the title of Al Amien is a trustworthy person. This was evident when several tribes will fight the Black Stone laying of stone into kaba. they felt that they were the appropriate tribe to put the jewels back into place, then came the Al Amien, then he spread his turban and placed it above ground and over his turban. Then the Prophet Muhammad called for the leaders to hold each end of the turban. then lifted up the stone and placed into position. and ultimately disputes died down and turned into satisfaction and joy that they feel have contributed to the laying of the stone. so how noble morality of our Prophet Muhammad. because the height of his morality, Allah perpetuated in the Quran :

And thou truly great virtuous character. (al-qalam : 4)

Ladies and gentlemen!

Our duty as the Ummah of the Prophet Muhammad was always emulate his morality, respect the older, love the younger, love one another, the rich embraces the poor, the strong protects the weak. All felt in equality. There is no difference except the faith and piety. A poem states Muhammadun basyarun laeisa kal basyar, yaqutatun hajarun wa laeisa kal hajar which means that Prophet Muhammad was human but not human beings as well as hyacinth, he is a rock but not a regular rock.

Prophet  Muhammad never hated any of his enemy. He was always forgiving without being asked though. even if he constantly abused by his enemies, he did not have any hatred, he just prayed for his enemies in the guidance given by God Almighty.

As a proof of love for Allah and His Messenger, Prophet Muhammad SAW, let us together and we follow the Sunnah of the Prophets Practice, let us also share our oral habit to read the peace to the Prophet Muhammad, because the Messenger said: Anyone who reads peace to me one time that God would eliminate evil thereof 10, 10-degree thereof increased, and gave 10 good.

And hopefully we include biting fence sitting with the Messenger of God in heaven one day later, amien.

Ladies and gentlemen!

I suppose that I must stop my speech. Please, pardon me if you got some mistakes from my speech.

Wabillahitaufiq wal hidayah, Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.


Pidato: Kisah Nabi Muhammad SAW

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb

Yang Mulia segenap dewan guru, Yang Mulia kepala sekolah, Seluruh hadirin, Dan semua saudara-saudaraku tercinta.

Pertama, saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Allah, yang memberi saya waktu untuk pidato di saat istimewa ini. Juga kepada Nabi Muhammad, keluarga, dan teman-teman beliau.

Pada kesempatan ini saya akan menyampaikan pidato yang berjudul Kisah Nabi Muhammad


Pada saat manusia dalam cengkeraman gelap dan hilang dari hidupnya, seorang bayi lahir. Bayi itu yatim, ayahnya bernama Abdullah meninggal 7 bulan sebelum ia lahir. Bayi itu diberi nama Muhammad. Menurut para ahli, Muhammad lahir pada 12 Rabiul awal tahun Gajah. Nabi Muhammad. adalah keturunan dari suku Quraisy. Ayahnya bernama Abdullah bin Abdul Muththalib. lbunya bernama Aminah binti Wahab. Nabi Muhammad saw. diserahkan oleh ibunya kepada seorang perempuan yang baik Halimah Sadiyah. Nabi Muhammad saw. diasuh dan dibesarkan sampai berusia lima tahun.


Ok, mungkin cukup dari saya. Maaf Jika ada kesalahan.

Wassalammualaikum Wr. Wb

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