Pidato Inggris : Honorable Juries

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb

Honorable Juries
Honorable our Teachers
Brothers and Sisters

First of all, let us praise and thanks be to Allah SWT, because of his grace we can stand here, and do not forget to say sholawat and salam to the our Prophet, rasulullah Saw , who has brought us out of the darkness, to the brightness

Ladies and Gentlemen;

The title of my speech is: Teachers Day.

Every year, on the 25th of November, we commemorate the birthday of Teachers Association of the Republic of Indonesia, or known as PGRI. The day is also called National Teachers Day. The commemoration is a kind of appreciation for our teachers. It is usually celebrated in a ceremonial activity by giving rewards to certain teachers, head masters, or school attendants.

Brothers and Sisters;

The Teachers Association of the Republic of Indonesia (PGRI) was founded on 25th November,1945, about three months after the proclamation of the Indonesian independence. At the time, the establishment of PGRI had three purposes, they were: first, defending the independence of Indonesia; second, improving education in our country; and the last, helping the labors and teachers get their rights.

For many years, PGRI has become a functional organization representing teachers as civil servants. It has been a survival union in any kinds of social and political situation. No matter how difficult the condition of our country, PGRI always tries to survive. It will keep struggling to improve the quality of education in this country.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

Today, we are in the situation of the celebration of Teachers Day. We are commemorating the birthday of PGRI. The question is, what should we do to make this celebration have a great meaning to the improvement of our education system?

We cannot deny that the quality of our education is still poor. It is a fact that our education achievement is at the bottom within South-East Asia countries, even we are left behind our neighbors. There are many problems in our education system. Let me give some examples: many teachers are poorly trained both in their subject matters and in teaching skills, our teachers salaries are low, our education fee is still expensive, and also other crucial problems related to the curriculum, national exam (UN), and teacher certification.

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