Pidato Bahasa Inggris : We Respect The Father Of The

Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb.

We respect the father of the principal. What We respect the father guardian class.We respect all our father and teacher mother. Also colleagues that I love.

First of all we are very grateful to God then one of the outpouring of His grace given to us, so that on this auspicious occasion we can gather, air-muwajahah in this place, this happy place.

Colleagues that I love.
We know that youth is a very unstable period. Easily influenced by many factors, both positive and negative. Usually negatiflah factors are more rapidly absorbed by our friends the other. This would adversely impact the future life.

Can we see in various media both print and electronic media, also in real life today.Their behavior is not commendable. This is very unfortunate to us who feel a generation. They’re a pregnant outside of marriage, there are motorcycle gangs involved, there is skipping school so there are drug addicts and others. So that our generation scarred by the behavior of a handful of young people who are not responsible.

My colleagues are proud of.
We as young people who are given the awareness seems to always remind each other of the dangers promiscuity above, the negative association above. Let us not become victims of our own but do not feel that we become victims.

It would have not the time again we are easily tempted and seduced, not the time again we do not have a stance. We must realize that once this life should be used carefully. Do not get us wasted youth is the future then sorry old.

We must have principles in life, we should be independent and able to carry yourself so that’s not us who are victims of age, is not we who are victims of the environment.but let us be the generation which was able to bring change to society.

As the young generation, a lot of potential that we can develop. A lot of potential that we can optimize. Not for anyone but to our own. To the best of us in the future.

My colleagues and ladies and I’m proud.
Let’s time we as the younger generation to rise from sleep and show the world that we are capable. We have something valuable to be reckoned. We make sure that we are not the generation of waste is usually only a burden of parents and the environmental burden.

There are some simple steps that we can do from now on:
first, we learn that every effort be diligent and show the parents that we too can achieve the best value.
second, his best is not carried away by the influence of our friends are happy ditching the other because one day they will feel the consequences. It could be that his children would be like them, and fight hard in the set of parents as they do today.This of course we did not expect.
Third, given the cost it matter how we bend over backwards to be set as well as possible with full responsibility and awareness. Never UNIKO-business conservative deceiving. Since this source that makes us not blessed in the future.
Fourth, find friends hanging out and hanging out in a positive place in both the school and outside school. Relationships we will form our character slowly.
As a student perhaps these four simple steps we can begin practicing today. We determine our own destiny in the future. I therefore advised to colleagues of all let us take advantage of these youth as well as possible so that our future bright.

So that I can convey. We are sorry if there is one word.
Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb.

Preventing Drug and Schools

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb
Dear head of school
I respect Mr / Ms Teachers and Administrative staff
And friends who I love

Let us pray gratitude Allah SWT has bestowed His blessings so that we can gather here today and I will deliver a speech on Drugs.

In Indonesia the number of drug users is so large, because of weak law enforcement in Indonesia international dealers can cooperate with an Indonesian citizen and earn huge profits. Abuse of Narcotics and other additives that would impact a broad and complex. As a result, among others, changes in behavior, health problems, decreased work productivity drastically, crime and other violence.

Drug abuse can be prevented through programs such as following social activities, do not associate with users or drug dealers, not easily affected solicitation or advances to using drugs. Drug users are usually dominated by teenagers and school children.

Schools also provide counseling to the students about the dangers and consequences of drug abuse through the Guru BP, discussions that engage students in planning for intervention and prevention of drug abuse in schools.Another important program is the program of Narcotics vigilant in identifying the characteristics of students who use drugs, be aware of the existence of an unknown guest or dealer, doing impromptu raid.

Usually the dealers and users in schools have been well aware of school programs for the prevention of the user or users in schools, nominally, of course anticipate the best they can. Any tips as smart as them, like as smart-clever squirrel jump, eventually falling as well. Moves to avoid detection school telling indeed they conquered, but given the nature of the addictive drug and Demand doses higher then discipline is also a safe way will unfold

For that let us avoid and stay away and join combat drug use. Thus the speech that I can say if there are errors in the spoken word, I apologize. For your attention I thank you and I end.

Wassalamu’alaikum WrWb

Warning Speech August 17

Brethren Ladies and Gentlemen we
Assalamualaikum wr. wb

Today the exact date of August 17 we have agreed upon as the day ofindependence of the Republic of Indonesia beloved. We all Indonesian people stillremember how great our hero struggles to maintain and win independence from the hands of the invaders, their service was invaluable.

We as a great nation should be able to appreciate the services of our heroes, but more importantly at this point is to fill this with the development of independence. Fill out this independence with various activities in accordance with their respective fields to go to the ideals of freedom which in essence is too lofty ideals of the heroes who died before us that the formation of life in a fair and prosperous society.

Let us continue the spirit of the heroes we were in the spirit of development.Development is also a struggle that is not less important as the struggle for independence. What does it mean to live free if they get miserable. We tried butGod disposes. But remember brothers and sisters … God will not change the fate ofa person if people are not willing to try to change it.

Independence we obtain also the grace of God. but do not be expected to god to give all of what we aspire if we ourselves do not want to work on that.

Once again, this time let’s warning ……. we are content to promote the spirit ofstruggle of our heroes, the spirit of struggle that we must make happen as the spiritof development to fill this independence.

Finally, let us pray and fight. God is with us, independent ………!!!!
Thank you and greetings wr. Wb

Assalamulaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,
I respect Mr / Ms Head.
I respect my mother and father of Teachers and Administrative Staff and the Library.
My kids all the Father / Mother love and pride.

Let us pray praise and thanksgiving to God’s presence Ta’la, because by his grace we can gather a good place and time it.

Prayers and greetings we devote to the Great Prophet Muhammad, his followers are pious and shalehah until the end of time.

Do not forget we say a prayer to our parents, forgive their sins, and spare them as they love us as a child and to teachers who have given a lot of knowledge so that we can strive to be people of faith, knowledge, morality and be cautious. Hopefully the love and knowledge they provide into useful knowledge. Without them we are nothing … Amen.

My kids all the Father / Mother love and pride,
If one of you who asked, whether the flag ceremony? Maybe you already know the answer, that all actions or movements coupled and arranged with order and discipline in order to enhance the leadership ability and willingness to lead and foster familiarize cohesiveness and cooperation and the most important thing is to commemorate the services of our founding fathers.

If anyone asks again, whether the meaning of the flag ceremony until you have to sunbathe? Perhaps also you already know the answer, ie still maintain the values of nationalism and patriotism.

But the biggest question is,
# Did you have to be disciplined?
# Have you been able to maintain the mandate to become a leader?
# Have you been willing led to maintain cohesiveness and cooperation?
# Do you always remember that what you’ve got till today is the result of toil and the heroes and services while maintaining the values of nationalism and patriotism?

Mr / Ms expect from now on, you learn more orderly, obey all applicable laws in the family, school, neighborhood and religion. Then you learn more discipline, prayers on time, do the work in accordance with the time allowed, dump trash in its place.

Then you are ready to learn to be a leader, at least for the leader himself to be a child a better and ready to lead by maintaining cohesiveness and cooperation.
Then you are ready to learn to keep the values of nationalism and patriotism, using local products, preserving the local culture, and maintain the heritage of our ancestors.

Great nation is a nation that respects its heroes services and the independence with good things as he had to say earlier.
Children anaku all the Father / Mother love and pride,
Let us carry out the mandate it. Thank you for your attention.
Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Heroes’ Day Speech

Brethren countrymen and compatriots, all the noble audience, greetings wr. Wb

On this sunny morning exact date of the outbreak of war in Surabaya in order to maintain the independence of Indonesia. Countless number of people are flying at the time. Countless treasures that had perished in the war. The fighting occurredthroughout the city even happens in all corners of the country.

Shriek-shriek like the cry of independence echoed lion flesh and blood thirst.Independence we already have. The invaders want to go back to shred our unity, our freedom and even the dignity of the nation, as an independent nation.

Arek-arek Surobyo no retreat sejengkalpun face of modern weapons of the invaders. With sharpened bamboo spears and eruptions coupled with thetempestuous passion occupiers leave the country to its knees a free and sovereign.

Arek-arek fighting spirit Suroboyo build a solid foundation for the soul and spirit ofthe present development. Victims have been many, the ideals of independence has not been done. It is our duty to pass on all the noble ideals of our heroes.

Let’s together. In the spirit of our 10 Novemper galakkan spirit of development. All this merely for the sake of sacrifice to the homeland.

Similarly, we welcome that can contribute. May God always be with us in the fight fora brighter future. Thank you greetings wr. wb.

Free association is not Free

Good Morning Ladies and teachers and friends as well. I am grateful for the time and opportunity has been given to me. On this occasion, I was about to deliver a speech on freedom in free association.

Promiscuity in the association is a plague adolescents and young people. Sporadic outbreaks of uncontrolled provides a variety of negative impacts for the future of Indonesia. Promiscuity can be done consciously by the young people or simply follow the trend only.

For those who do not know the consequences of promiscuity, here are some important points to be considered not to promiscuity. The first thing about female promiscuity is the party is a creature of the most disadvantaged and sacrificed.

For those of you young women, promiscuity tends to lead to free sex in comparison with drug use, insubordination, and so on. First of all, realize that you live in Indonesia is flanked by other Asian countries are loaded with oriental custom.Mungkian you do not realize it now, but think in the future, whether your partner will accept you for granted? Have you ever heard that ‘girlfriend while the wife must be pretty fit’. When you’re stuck in promiscuity, how it proper you for your future spouse?.

If you think that men also do it. You’re right, they did do it but they do not respect women who do it and looked at them one eye. Not fair indeed, but it is a fact that should you receive. So you as a woman, smart-pandailah care of myself.
A second consequence of promiscuity is you can not be free from disease. How you believe that your partner be honest with you. While he could have lied to you about numbers of partners and he was in the habit of consuming narkoba.Mungkin just your partner whether the partner other than dishonest, but you are also honest. In free association, it is clear that the values of trust and honesty are tercacah-chopped.

The illness of promiscuity is varied from that can be cured through a difficult and even till incurable such as AIDS, Herpes.kanker and so on. Common diseases that plague the perpetrators promiscuity is Clamydia. Indeed, given the impact is not as good as that provided by the HIV and cancer but the disease because of this fungus is very annoying and uncomfortable. Imagine if you had to hold the itching and heat for days or even weeks in the genital area. Not to mention the accompanying stench.This disease attacks the men and women.

For you young people by men, do not be proud of its free you from the physical characteristic involved in sexual promiscuity. Have you crossed my mind that women are the comparators are very great? Look around you or when you’re little, how often have you heard of you or your friends in comparison with others. Of course if you engage in promiscuity your abilities, shapes and all sorts of techniques you will be compared with couples wanitamu others. If your performance is good, of course you can feel proud. You could just ask you directly to the couple directly. So whether you believe that he was telling the truth? Perhaps he only pretended to defend you by his side for other uses. What if one day you find out that your partner spreading your incapacity or an actual performance for your partner is not as great as you think. Of course you can simply cursed with harsh words. But whether it will change your self-esteem is already tegores and got a bad reputation?

If it was not enough for you, think if you as a man, who in general would be the father of your children, memiiliki girls. Are you going to allow him to do what you’ve done?Or you will use the pretext of conversion in banning your child or did you choose to lie to your own son? Even more worse, what if your daughter becomes the victim of promiscuity and her life miserable because of illness or an arbitrary pair? Are you willing to see your child suffering. As smart-clever squirrel jumping nor finally fall.Think about your future before you decide to fall in free sex, which is not free it.

For those of you who are stuck in promiscuity, get out of the vicious circle. One thing you can when you get out of promiscuity is verbal abuse and insults. Disapproval of friends ‘compatriots’ ye and also the scorn of those who eventually find out that you bukannlah women or men well. Leave it alone, they said, and denounced, think about the future of your remains. It is not easy to rebuild what was damaged, but remember the adage ‘better late than never at all’. Start looking for professional help in the field if you find it difficult and need help. Do not hesitate to look to the future.Although it seems cliche, but if you believe in God the Almighty so if you decide to change and really live it, surely God will open the way for you and open a new sheet for you.
A few of my speech. Good morning.

Speech Commemorating Hardiknas

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb …

Good morning / afternoon / evening / night
I respect Mr / Ms ….
I respect the student / students … ..

How happy I as serving as mother to the State of Indonesia, on this day! on this day, we celebrated National Education Day, which took the field at the Palace … May 2, 2011. With commemorate National Education may we more spirit / rose to promote and educate the nation’s children’s education to serve the nation, State and Religion.
Added a quick school age children and the increase of graduates of each level of education is great, but not followed by the addition of educational infrastructure and facilities quickly and adequately, causing problems for the government to provide "education and teaching" to all citizens as mandated by law Basics .

This issue is crucial given the beragamanya geographically vast and scattered archipelago with the level of socio-economic development of culturally different.When it’s for the first time pelaksanakan REPELITA with an emphasis on economic development which is seen as the foundation for other aspects of national development. In educational reform focused attention on remediation efforts and improving the quality and arrangement of the opportunity to get education.Regarding the latter is difficult to achieve if only through the ways of utilizing technology konvesial communications and technology, information, radio and television. In 2011 the government has set a budget for education by 20% for elementary, junior and senior high school. Programs and activities carried out are not solely on the basis of the number of school buildings, teachers, books and others.

Didentifikasikan alternatives are:

1. Addition of SLP capacity is done either by the addition of new schools
2. Improved capacity of private schools
3. Development of an open school with correspondence media, modules, radio broadcasts, television broadcasts and other
4. Opening of practical skills courses outside of school as channels and

Ki Hajar Dewantara (1889-1959) Indonesia is a prominent educational institution memprokarsai establishment Park students. He is more famous for its philosophy of "tut wuri handayani, until mid Mangun intention, hing ngarso tulada sung. Dewantara classify pandidikan goals with the term "tri-nga" (three "nga-nga is the last letter in the alphabet ajisak Java). "Nga" The first is to understand "(understand / intellectual aspects). "Nga second" is "ngrasa" is (feel aspects of affection), and "nga" The third is "nglakonin" (teaching or psychomotor aspects). Formulate educational goals which include aspects of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor. According Dewantara, is the right of every people to self-regulate, and therefore teaching must educate children to become independent of human mind, thought and energy.Teaching should not mind too prioritizing intelligence because it can separate people tepelajar with the people.

End up here, hopefully further improve the Indonesian nation and educate and create proteges of productive, creative, innovative and useful to the nation and the State, Create quality human resources and independent and able to meet global needs.


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