Naskah Pidato(Eng) : We Should Know That, In This Era, Every

We should know that, in this era, every activities of modern people are depended of energy. Almost in every sector, energy becomes our primary requirement which cant be negotiated. Therefore, growing of a country depends of energy;s availability in that country very much.

Lets see the developed countries like America, Japan and European countries. Even in korea, The availability of energy in this country is very adequate to undertake activities in various fields which could be relied upon to build their country. However, in the course of energy supply should attention to environmental sustainability factor. Because our environment is no less important than Another necessities of life. Damaging the environment, is tantamount to self harm. The environment of a country will be linked with other countries, because we live in the same earth. So every countries are obliged to really pay attention and prevent the things that can cause environmental damage.

The impact of environmental degradation such as global warming, it now has begun felt in various parts of the world. As the increase in air temperature, sea-level rise, which could submerge small islands, and climate change which is now happening in some places including in this country. all because the environment where humans and Another creatures life has been polluted.

The biggest contributor to environmental degradation as a whole, is the pollution caused by burning fossil fuels, like coal, fuel oil, and natural gas on a large scale. that combustion results in emissions of greenhouse gases as the cause of global warming.

Environmental issue is not matter one country only, but it is the responsibility of all countries. Therefore, some efforts are made for people to avoid further damage to the environment as the convening of the Earth Summit, Kyoto Protocol, etc. Even some countries that still use fossil fuels, trying to reduce the greenhouse effect by using natural gas fuel that is economically competitive when compared with the use of petroleum or coal.

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