Nama : Novira Aulia Fitri
Sekolah : SMPN 95 Jakarta
Speech Contest

To honorable adjudicators, teachers and the participants of Speech contest

Good morning.

Today I would like to deliver a speech about READING HABIT IS CHANGING THE WORLD.
Well Ladies and Gentlemen.

As you know, there are many kinds of hobbies that people can do in their spare time, such as listening to the music, collecting stamps, watching movies, gardening,reading , etc. In this occasion, I want to tell you why Reading is very important in our life.

Ladies and Gentlemen

From the holly Koran, we learned that Jibril asked our great prophet Muhammad to read as His first commandement … Read … Read … and Read by the name of Allah.
And a wise man said that READING IS THE WINDOW OF THE WORLD. So, what does Reading mean ? What is something significant from reading and once again why is reading very important in our life ?

Reading is an activity which looks at and understands something written or printed .
Many people spends a lot of money because they want to know more about Bali, Lombok, Singapore Thailand, Hawaii, and many other tourist spots by visiting them. The knowledge that our teachers give us is perhaps only 20 % from the knowledge available in the world. It doesnt mean that they can not give us more. But the problem is we only stay at school for 5 hours, how about the rest? We can get additional information many great people and great countries by reading. We can learn art, music, cooking, science etc by reading. And we can also build our self confidence by reading. How can it be ?

Well ladies and gentlemen

What do you feel when you are gathering with your friends, you just become a listener because you dont know anything about what your friends are talking ? What do you think of your friend who knows many things, can talk everything of what other friends do not know. If you were her, you must be proud of this because you have better knowledge than them . By reading we can enlarge our information and know more fact , so we can get involved in an interestimg conversation .

Reading is an adventure.
It is like bringing us to the place that we never visit before, then we begin our journey from page to page and actually we dont stop our journey at the last page. Because that is the time we get more knowledge.

So, lets change our world by reading. Thank You!

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