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Firstly, come on grateful to Allah SWT. He gave us his mercy and blessings, so as we could gather in this contest in the good condition, without the obstacle.

May peace and the blessing be always sent to the big prophet Muhammad SAW. He brought people from darkness to obviously, he carried people from the stupid era during the sparkling era, he brought people from the traditional era to the modern era.

Ladies…, and gentleman……

Still we remembered the earthquake disaster and the tsunami that happened in the Japanese country last March..??? The earthquake with the horrifying strength reached 8.9 of SR. That killed not less than 612 people and 700 charcoals were stated was lost, as well as 215,000 inhabitants must be evacuated to safer places.

Wow…. very horrifying…..

In my speech, I tried to explain the earthquake and the tsunami were considered from the aspect of Al Quran and the theory, by referring to the characteristics approach, so as to produce the pattern of the change trend in the human attitude in facing the disaster. If being investigated by us earthquake words with used software Al Quran Digital, then earthquake words were firmly stated totalling 4 (four) the time, that is to the letter of Al Araaf (the article 78, 91, and 155). And the letter of Al Ankabut (the article 37). In the letter of Al Anam (the article 65) the earthquake sentence was only found in the explanation. Further if more was developed again with the "Earth" sentence was "shaken" (was identical to the earthquake), then will be found this totalling 4 (four) the time also, that is to the letter of Ar Raad (the article 31), Alwaqiah (the article 4), the letter of Al Fajr (the article 21) and the letter of Al Zalzalah (the article 1). The Q.S. Ar Raad sound the article 31, that is:




Meaning that: "And in case having a reading material (the holy scripture) that with the reading material mountains could be shaken or the earth was still being divided or therefore people who have died could speak, (certainly Al Quran so he)." In fact all the affairs were belonging to Allah. Then not the faithful people knew that if Allah wanted (all humankind was faithful), certainly Allah gave the guidance to humankind all of them. And people that the infidel was always stricken by the disaster as a result of their action personally or the disaster happened close to their place of residence, so as to come Allah’s promise. Actually Allah did not violate the promise. (Q.S. Ar Raad the article 31).

With used software "Integreted Tsunami Database for the Pacific" in explained that the earthquake began to be recorded in the year 416 now this. This condition showed that long before Al Quran explained that about the existence of the earthquake. Necessarily the earthquake not the matter that was new for all of us. Secara the etymology, according to Dr. Subandono (2005), the Earthquake was the nature incident, happened suddenly, emerged because of the existence of the release of energy, as resulting from the relative shift in the rock/the slab of tectonics/kerak the earth. Referred in this definition, then in Al Quran in the letter of Al Zalzalah (the article 1 and 2), clearly was said if the earth was shaken with his jolt that was horrifying, and the earth dismissed difficult burdens that were contained by him.

Was like this his matter with the Tsunami, firmly the tsunami sentence will not be found by us in Al Quran, because the tsunami came from Japanese (tsu = the port, nami = the wave of sea), but if being connected with the definition that was given by Bakornas (2005) the tsunami personally was as the wave of sea with the long period that was caused by the disturbance implusif from the seabed, this tsunami caused the big wave to the area of the coast. Paid attention to the definition from this tsunami, then in Al the koran will be found 2 (two) the article that is in the letter of Al Infithar the article 3, "and if the ocean to overflowed", and the At Takwir letter the article 6 "and if sea was heated". The meaning of the two letters, was to clarify each other, where sea will overflow kaena the existence of the process of the heating of the foundation of the earth.

According to the theory, the disturbance implusif was like the tectonic earthquake, the volcanic eruption, and the landslide (land slide). The tsunami caused the occurrence of the disaster in the land and in sea, as that was explained to the letter of Al Anam the article 63, where Allah asked to humankind that is, For Instance: Who that could rescue you from the disaster in the land and in sea? , after we understood whether the meaning of the earthquake and the tsunami, the further question was what was the cause the earthquake and the tsunami?

According to Bakornas (2005) explained the cause of the earthquake was the movement of slab skin of the earth. The movement of this slab in Al’s letter ghosyiyah the article 20 that is, "they (infidels) did not see how the earth (the mainland) was explained (was separated) one with that was other".

In the theory of convection was stated that, to 300 in the last million years the surface of the earth was one unity that was acknowledged as Pangea, furthermore 200 million following Pangea years were divided into two, that is: Gondwana (Africa, Australia, Antarctica, and India) and Laurasia (Europe, North America, and Asia) that moved to the side of that was different, Gondwana and Laurasia were divided into the small mainlands, moved to the surface of the earth continually to the best of several cm/the year.


Earth that was inhabited by us this not solid, his structure was as follows:

The lithosphere (Kerak Earth)

Consist Of kerak the ocean with the revolving thickness 10 km and kerak the continent with the revolving thickness 80-100 km.


The Layer was supervised this Lithosphere had the shape of the rock half of the liquid with the revolving temperature 1,200 OC

3. Mantel

That build on the volcanic rock with the temperature around 3,000 OC

4. The Outside

That build core on liquid metal, generated the magnetic field bumi

5. The Inside

That build core on solid metal although the temperature here reached 6,000 OC

If more again specific, the structure of this earth had seven layers, that is:

1. The land, our residence

2. Litosfer

3. Astenosfer

4. The coat of the part outside

5. The coat of the part inside

6. The outside core

7. The inside core

This structure in accordance with the Ath Thalaaq letter the article 12 that is, Allah that created seven skies and like that also the earth"." Allah’s order was valid to him, so that you knew bahwasa him Allah Maha Kuasa on everything, and actually Allah his knowledge really covered everything. About hot was whirled this earth was explained in the Ath Thur letter the article 6, that is "And sea that in his land had fire". Resulting from the hot existence in the center of the earth then the liquid was above will boil, so as the slab of the continent and the slab of the ocean will float above astenosfer and experienced the movement. The movement of this slab there are those that approached mutually and moved further away with the speed of the different movement of one with that was other (in general 6-12 cm/the year). The movement of the slab that slaing approached this that meenyebabkan the meeting happened 2 (two) the slab. His position the slab of the continent above when being compared the slab of the ocean (because of the difference of the specific gravity), when happening (penujaman) the tip of the ocean of the slab headed to the side of the centre of the earth, whereas the tip of the focusing continent of the slab to the slab of the ocean.

In this condition two situations will happen, 1. ) on the end the slab of the continent will emerge the Pressure was caused by the slow movement of the land of the continent of slabs, this movement furthermore will cause (retakan) (the fracture = was formed because of the existence of the fragile rock). When the pressure increasingly increased in the certain level, the sudden movement will happen. Energy that was released caused the rock around it to be shaking, so as to the earthquake happen. 2. ) furthermore the movement of the ocean of the slab, that his tip headed the centre of the earth experienced the rock smelter and the trickle of this rock was involved in to the surface through the crack afterwards forming the volcano bow in the continent bank. In the movement of the slab that moved further away each other horizontally, will cause the crack or the fracture. The fracture or this crack became the road to the surface of the trickle of the rock or magma so as to form the middle volcano bow the continent or the lava flood along the crack. (Penipisan) kerak the ocean resulting from the movement of the slab gave the opportunity for magma break through to the ocean floor, the breakthrough magma this was the lava flood that formed the row of the shield volcano.

The phenomenon of the occurrence of the fracture, and the formation of mountains whether this could be found in Al Quran in,

The Ar Radu letter the article of 4

"Dan whether they did not see that actually we visited areas (infidels), then was reduced by us the areas (little by little) from his banks?" And Allah determined the law (according to his desire), none could refuse his stipulation, and (Dialah Yang Maha fast calculation-Nya)"

The An Naba letter the article 6 and 7

"Not we made the earth the carpet?" And mountains as the pin?

All the article that was raised, this was authentication from Al Alaa the article 1 and 2, that is that created and completed (his creation), and that was decisive the level of (respectively) and gave the guidance. Humankind was called in the Thaahaa letter the article 81, that is "eating between (rezki) that was good that was given by us to you, and did not exceed the limit on him, that caused (kemurkaan) I, then actually destroyed he".

Allah’s appeal was always ignored by humankind, so as to happen (deplesi) towards excessive resources, the example of the petroleum exploration, liquefied natural gas, and the other mining, so as to cause the impact for the following generation, saw the Lapindo case. Not only the exploitation towards resources that were carried out by humankind, but the humankind personally also exploited himself, so as to cause the life that was not harmonious between humankind and the environment, and humankind with humankind, moreover humankind with Khaliq, like that was depicted in the Ar Ruum letter the article 41 that is, "appeared damage was in the land and in sea caused because of the hands action" of "humankind", "to Allah felt to them a part of (resulting from) their action, so that they come back (to the true road)".

Therefore we as humankind, especially the Indonesian community, always must be on the alert, because our area also entered the "Ring of Fire" (the meeting of the slab).

All these disasters will not happen, if all the humankind submitted and obedient to carry out all the order and stopped all the bans that were determined by Allah, as that was sent to the letter of Al Hadid the article 22, that is "Not a disaster then that fall on in the earth and (not also) to yourself but was written in the book (Lauh Mahfuzh) before we created him." Actually like that was to be easy for Allah. From various analyses that was delivered above, was replied that the earthquake and the tsunami were the process from Allah for the finishing of his creation. The finishing of his creation, not only was current to the earth, but also to his occupants.


I thought was enough……

Thank you for his attention…..

Wassalamaualaikum warohmatullohi wabarakaatuh…..

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