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Nama : Abror Shodiq

Kelas : IX A

No : 01


. ( )

We entered the fasting month, the month that full with mercy, blessing and forgiveness from Allah SWT. If Friday called sayyidul ayyam, so fasting month called sayyidus syuhur, because in this month every pray will be answered by Allah, and the reward will be multiplied, and the grade will be increased. And even only in the fasting month, there is the night of Lailatul Qodar.

In hadist that was by Bukhori and Muslim from Abu Hurairah r.a, prophet Muhammad SAW said :

Whoever to fast in the fasting month, their sin will be for given by Allah SWT.

Its very important attended by the people those who fast, but they dont attend the matter that must be left, such as, jealous and others.

They fast no eat and no drink. But they cant get hidayah or hikmah except only get thirty and hungry.

As the prophet Muhammad SAW, said :

How much people those who fast, but the dont anything from their fast, only thirty and hungry.

I hope what I have said will be more useful for us.

Nama : Achmad Ngaqib M

No : 02

Kelas : IX A

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.


The honorable all teachers and the loved all friends. First of all, lets express our thank fullness to Allah, because Allah has given us blessing and health so that we can gather together in the situation safe. At the opportunity this time I will give a spearh , with title Month Ramadhan.

In the month Ramadhan we as Moslem the obliged perform worship lent one month full. Allah said :


( : 183)

Hi people devout, obliged above you lent as the obliged above people before you, in order to you taqwa to Allah SWT. (Al-Baqarah : 183)

The lent in the Arabic is it meaning equal to that is hold. So, the lent is a worship with way hold self from all cancel lent since rise down to disappear sun with crammed and pillar sure. At the every each night Ramadhan we perform tharawih praying and it law is optional muakad. We to do this praying alone but more excellent is parish and it place in the house or mosque. That besides, we also to do witir prayer and it law is optional.

At the month Ramadhan this also happen night Lailatul Qadar that is night full blessing or night special and extraordinary. The reward worship at the moment more good that worship one thousand month Allah said :

( : 3)

Night Qadar is more good that one thousand month. (Al-Qadar : 3)

Rasulullah SAW to declare that moment is praying, dzikir, apologize, rosary, legitimation, praise, congratulations, read Al-Quran, to pray for himself or person other, religious meal, and remove self from action wicked.

This speech I can to give may san fetohed it wisdom and advantage. And when there is the word false, I ask promission.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Praise be to Allah, the God who perpetuates his servants with Isro and Miroj. He perpetuates it by making this story as the great miracle. I bear witness that there is no God but Allah, there is no partner with him. I also bear witness that Muhammad is his servant and his messenger. May peace and prayers be upon our adoration. Amma badu.

Dear brothers and sisters !

The event of Isro MIroj is one of the miracle of our prophet SAW Allah honors our great prophet deeply with this miracle when he experienced painful and frightening luck. At that time, the disbelievers tortured the messenger with the smartest tortures, interfered. With his missionary endeavour by employing various manners. Shatterd his followers and disciples. All of these painful suffering took his climax after his uncle and his wife passed away. Abu Tholib, the messengers uncle who used to protect Islamic endeavour, and Khadijah, the messengers wife who used to be his partner when he was suffering, passed away at mostly the same time.

These events certainly sudden him very much. He was really sad with the demise of his two protections. With the heavyhearted, he went to taif land in order to get new endorsement. He excepted that in this new land he found people who would be ready to help his religious endeavour. Unfortunately, what he found, was that the thaif people suddenly palted him with stones until his feet were bloody. He got more sad and confused for seeing the development of this mission. In his most confusion and sadness, Allah honored him deeply by taking him to have Isro Miroj. These two events were for affirming and calming down the messengers heart. Allah showered the messenger with mercy and nobelty from Sidratul Muntaha. Beside him was heaven which was ready to stay in Sidratul Muntaha, he saw the glory and the greatness of Allah, a view that could not be seen by anyone but the messenger. He got full of spirit and was really comforted with this journey which brought happiness.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, my brothers and sisters in faith and religion.

In the journey of Isro Miroj he also witnessed many add events which could be lesson for the Moslems. Among others thing is what was told by Abu Hurairah r.a that the messenger said that, At the night when I was taken to Isro Miroj, that was when I arrived at the seventh sky. I saw can odd view. I saw upward, and suddenly, I found thunder, flash of lighting, and thunderbolt. I the came to a group off people whose stomaches were like a house containing snakes. The snakes could be been from outside their stomaches. I the asked, O Jibril, who are they? He answered, they are people who used to eat usury. This hadith was told by Imam Ahmad. At the night, the messenger also witnessed other events. All of which you can find in his narratives in the books of hadith.

Dear brothers and sisters who are honored by Allah.

The event of Isro and Miroj is purposeful, and the real purpose is to bring the messenger to Allah, to receive his commandment to do five-time prayers. The value of the reward of these five-time prayers is the same with that of fifty five. As what was previously commanden to messenger received this commandment directly from Allah to be delivered directly to the human kind. In Islam, prayers constitue the pillar of religion and the media of contact between human and Allah. Besides, prayer can also cause a close relationship among the Moslems anywhere they are. The most important thing we have to know in this occasion is that Isro Miroj is the miracle of the previous messengers. The miracles of the previous messengers where visible and could arise two different responses, those are encouraging people to be believer or even disbelievers. In addition the visible miracles can end when the events have been finished on the other hand, the miracle of the messenger. Muhammad SAW is always alive and enternal. The enternity is valid for each generation and never lasting. Even, this continuously experiences renewal all the time. It speaks to the reason and encourages it to think.

Ladies and Gentlemen !

Another thing which is important to remember is understanding the meaning of the must of doing prayer. By commemorating Isro Miroj the Moslems are asked to think and understand the meaning of the must of doing prayer so that they will always keep this commandment. They are also asked to penetrate the essence and the use of prayer, so that they will not disobey this must. It is prayer which can put the servant in contact with his God and which distinct the believers and the disbelievers Allah said in his noble sacred book :

Nay seek (Allahs) help with patient perseverance and prayer :

It is indeed hard, except to those who bring a lowly spirit who bear in mind the certainly that they are to met their lord, and that they are return to him.

(Al Baqarah : 45-46)

Nama : Agus Trianti

Kelas : IX-A

Absen : 04

Nama : Ahmad Tohir Kh.

Kelas : IXA

No : 06

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.


The honorable teacher of this class and all of my believed friends

First of all, lets say Alhamdulillahi Robbilalamin, since Allah has given my his kindness and blessing so that we are now in good health and we can joint this.

Lets pray also, hoping that Allah always gives his kindness and his blessing to Muhammad SAW that his help will be always hoped by us in the dooms day.

OK friends :

So what science do we have to find out remember that all science and knowledge belong Allah although some experts divide the into two science or secular knowledge and religious studies. Which of them must we get?

The answer is both of them. Its not wise for who differentiate and discriminate between secular religious knowledge.

OK! Now pay attention this hadith, our prophet Muhammad SAW have stated

(Those who wants the world, he/she has to knowledge, those who wants the akhirat / the here after, he/she also has to knowledge, those who want both he/she has to possess knowledge).

It means that both science and religion are very important. So its not wise to discriminate them.

OK friends, in conclusion I recommed that in my God have chance prophet your future with science, with knowledge and religion. The future is yours.

Thats all and thanks your attention.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.


Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.


The honorable the headmaster of this madrasah, honourable all teachers of this madrasah, and my be love friends.

The first we say be praise God to Allah SWT, because we have give healthy and faith, so we can meet back in this ramadhan situation. In this occasio I want give some describe about welcome ramadhan.

Ramadhan! Ramadhan is pure month to all Moslem.

Ramadhan have come. All of Moslem celebration it with glad and happiness. Many activity to do celebration this month namely make a devosioner and strengthen friendship and something dont forget is repaired heart to do shaum and tarawih pray in this month.

Shaum in this ramadhan is obligation that have to do every Moslem in the world. About this mention in Al-Quran Al-Baqarah 183.


That have meaning,

Hi the faith people, obligation to shaum to you. Such as obligation previous people to you in order to your pious.

This month is large opportunity that give the God to us to add and step up our pious so we can the especially place in befaced the God.

Expect shaum, we have to restrained his desire. It is something difficulty, restrained can make people to do something that worst and can damage his actof devotion shaum.

Welcome ramadhan glad and happiness. Lets go through his pure month we step up faith and piety to Allah SWT. In order to we to be perfect humanity and reach of Lailatul Qadar I n this ramadhan, because Lailatul Qadar is better than thousand month and every man hope can have it.

Thus, my describe about ramadhan, if I do fault I want to say sorry and to Allah SWT I pardon and word last I say thank you very much to All of people.

Nama : Alfi Nuraini

No : 7

Kelas : IX-A

Nama : Anis RM

No : 01

Kelas : IXA


Honorable chairman of this presentation

Respectable master of this ceremony

Respectable speakers

And my loving audience

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

All praise my be to Allah who has created Islam as the only accepted religion in the day of judgement.

My the blessing and peace of Allah be upon the messenger of Allah p.b.u.h. who spread Islam to all mankinds and all nations.

I do not forget to say thank to the master of this ceremony as the time given to me, to deliver a speech with a little Islam and nationalism.

Islam is a system which organize every single aspect of life in all time. It organizer ideology, politics, economy, social, culture, deference and security. It manages person, family and society. It rules the relationship between man and his creator. Man to man, man to his society and the relationship among groups in other word this is a rule in every single aspect of life in Islam. Yes Islam a universal system organize everything and every time.

Islamic totalism is described clearly on Allahs saying

( : 3)

This I have perfected your religion for you and complete my favour to you. I have chosen Islam to be your faith. (QS. Al Maidah : 5)

When Rasulullah p.b.u.h passed away Abu Hurairah r.a said :

Rasulullah passed away and there isnt a bird flying in the sky, with its two wings, unless he has explained the knowledge to us.

It means that every as pect in this life there is the knowledge. There been a guide, or formula in Islam. Thus every rule in this life from individual work rule, to societal and national there has already been a guide. And the guide is for the whole time as long as breath and value are still run.

My brothers in this present time, there is astral to separate between the religious life and social life, it means that the religious life is guided by religion, while social life and national life are guided by a rule of man made.

Is human being will make his own law, while mating law is Allahs prerogative right?

Thus, there is no reason for us to make our own law, which is contradictory or even abolish Allahs law.

Its allowed for us to make, law and rule, with on condition that the law is made to support, to run to glorify the existing Allahs law, no to challenge to ignore or to deny Allahs law.

Audience since we have swarn that our death and life are for Allah, so we have to put on priority to Allahs commands that the others.

My honorable brothers, nationalism has a doctrine in a that if there is a different between national and religious interest its a must to win the national one.

If we take a look at the history of prophets and their own nation cause of different religion.when the Allah p.n.u.h and Abu Lahab one nation were Allahs prophet Ibrahim and his father one nation? Then Luth, Hud, Shalih and Syuaib were one nation werent they?

Yet, they fight against their people while they were one nation, why? There was no other reason instead of the different of agenda, faith and religion.

Thus, the top of everything in this life is religion the most precious thing in this life is religion. And the particularity of our life is because of religion, not because of face, tribe and nationality.

Then, let put our religion higher the notre interest cause Allah promises his heaven to those who put religion higher then personal tribe and national interest.

O Allah, let us unity for the sake of religion let us be in brotherhood in religion, make us into those put religion higher than the other, finally, Id like to say.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Nama : Candra Nugraha

No : 9

Kelas : IX A




The honorable the principal of this madrasah

The honorable English teacher of this classroom

All of my beloved friends and the audience

Firstly, let us thank to our lord Allah SWT who has given us mercy and blessing. There is no lord but Allah, there is no God but Allah, Allah is the most powerful in the world, Allah is creator of everything in this world the alone we worship and the alone we ask for help and salvation of life.

There bore, congratulation upon the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him), who had appointed us out the false ways into the faith. Hence, we congratulation by shalawat and salam for Him. May can establish and strengthen the Islamisms shield in the world.

Ladies and Gentlemen

I am coming infront of you becoming a speaker of this speech program; thank the English teacher as your allowing me to speech under the little Al-Quran as a Way Of Life

We can life on the earth successfully after the efforts, we have done. Its determinable too by who wished to find the bright future after he endeavor to gains his aim.

You can choose what should you do with the ways that equal to the Islam is teaching guidance, but there are some various ways that you ought to choose the better one among the others, there are all according to your ability to select the good one.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Al-Quran holy book of our had explained as much as how to live on the earth became Al-Quran it self is the way of live that tells us and guider us when we are complicated with some problem of life.

My brothers, Islam is the one religion that taught to community as complete fully method in seeking the bright life.

Al-Quran will illuminate your life.

Al-Quran will guide your self confidence.

Al-Quran is the light when you are propped in the dark.

We are Moslem that ought to performs the praying five time a day, fasting in holy month of ramadhan or pilgrim to Mecca that is the only principle key of the Moslem success.

Ladies and Gentlemen

The complete of lifes aim will be reachable after we can commit what our lord Allahs ordered.

I want to remind all of us again in certain rality what we should future as the aimed by every personality from us.

Like close speech, be needed I close this sentence : The dead liest sin were the consciousness of noun.

Very true instruction old people previous, who to fall forward to sin valley, he struck his sap own. Such as speech from me, may to strive after ency. Amin Ya Robbal Alamin.



NO : 10



. .

. .

The honourable head master of this madrasah, honourable all teachers of this madrasah, and all of my friends that I love.

Glory be Allah, the good who teaches us with pen and teaches human beings od what they do not know. My peace be always on our leader, the no blest human being, prophet Muhammad SAW a long with his family and companious.

Dear ladies and gentements !!!!

The month in which the messenger of Allah SWT was born is the month of light, namely the light of Muhammad SAW. The light of Muhammad SAW had been created before he created the prophet Adam, even before all things were created.

Dear brother and sisters !!!!

On this good occasion, I would like to say that the celebration of the Maulid of Muhammad SAW can be come new power to awaken the heart of the Moslems and get the Moslems to get back. To the guidance of the messangers.

And finally, theres no other beautiful words expect the word of salam.

Nama : Dian Monita Sari

Kelas : IX-A

No : 11


Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

. .

All praises be to Allah, the God who unifies the Muslims trought the oneness belief. He ordered the messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) and his companions to move to the land of hope, the city of Madinah. In the new land, the messenger of Allah (Rasulullah) gradually seceded to build a Muslim community. One by one the hearts of the believers, both the people from the coming city (Makkah) and the local people, were united and awakened by him, building a small group the gradually became bigger and bigger as if they were a from of human body.

I bear witness the there is no god but Allah, no partner with him. I also bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. May peace be always on the noblest people, prophet Muhammad SAW. He was sent as a messenger of Allah to all mankind either black-red. Or white-colored people may peace be also on his family and his champions, along with the people who fallow his teachings.

Amma badu

Allah said in his sacred book


He who forsakes his home in the cause of Allah finds in the earth many a refuge wide and spacious : Should he die as a refuge from home for Allah and his messenger, his reward becomes due and sure with Allah, and Allah is oft-forgiving, most merciful (An-Nisa : 100).

Ladies and Gentlemen

Since receiving the first revelation the prophet saw lived in Makkah for 10 years. During the period, he was never tired to ask his people to embrace the new religion he brought, namely Islam. Every one he encountered with was invited to the real truth throught his religious advices as a result of his of fort for 10 years the jahiliyah (stupidity) influence on the people could be abolished and the human throught could be cleaned from the stains of immorality and evilness. Many people then believe him, and soon the new development made the Quraisy infidels restless. They were very frightened to see the very expensive development of Islam. Finally, they began to think the ways to restrain the the sereading of this new religion. After having a long meeting. They decided to kill Rasulullah SAW and terrorize his companions either physically, mentally, or economically. All kinds of preaching were banned and the active persons were intimidated, persecuted, and even imprisoned. The followers of Muhammad were so fortured that their voices flew high to the sky. Our lord! Rescue us from this town, whose people are appressor : and raise for us from thee one who will protect; and raise for us from thee one who will help (An-Nisa : 75)

Ladies and Gentlemen

Finally, Allah ordered the Muslims to move to other cities (Hijrah). Firstly, they were asked to move to Habasyah and then to Madinah. After the Muslims had got away of Makkah and moved to the land of hope, Rasulullah SAW then asked to move and join his people. After preparing all supplies, he asked Abu Bakar to accompany him during his journey. Abu Bakar accepted his request willingly. Rasulullah and Abu Bakar agreed to leave their own houses and met each other in the night outside Makkah.

Unfortunately, this plan was known by the Quraisy infidels. They came to the Rasulullahs house and besieged the house, they were quite sure to succeed with their plan. Rasulullah recognized what happened outside. However he was very sure that Allah would help him. Being confident with his belief, he went out of his house confidently. Before coming out, he asked a young boy, Ali, to replace him on his bed. Ali then lay down on the bed and wore the Rasuls robe. Thus some pf the infidels taking a glance on the trickery of Allah to ward the infidels, coming out of his house, the messenger of Allah discovered the infidels were sleeping soundly. While stepping out his house, the messenger of Allah read this verse.

( : 9)

And we have put a bar in from of them, and a bar behind them, and further, we have covered them up; so that they cannot see (Yasin : 9)

Allah made their eyes sleep and no body could see the departure of Rasulullah. The messenger of Allah came out of his house and walked along the reads of Makkah at night until he met Abu Bakar (may Allah bless him). He and Abu Bakar then continued his journey. In the daylight they had to hide from the chase of the infidels, they hid in a cave known as the cave of Khira.

Mean while at the house of the messenger, the infidels wake up and were shocked to find that Rasulullah had already gone out of his house. They were so angry and panicted. While yelling loudly, they searched every side of the messengers house, but they couldnt find him. Their hearts were gloomy. The leader of the infidels then declared Whoever could find Muhammad, live or dead, he would be given an enormous gift. This declaration made the Quraisy infidels very enthusiastic to find and catch the messenger. Once they reached the cave of Khira, they walked to and fro outside the cave. They were uncertain whether the messenger, was calmed him down, dont be so sad, gerily Allah is with us said he.

Although the infidels were very close to the hideout of the messenger, but they could not recognized that Allah of the messenger, but they could not recognized that Allah had blinded their eyes, hence they could see nothing. Rasulullah SAW and his close companion stayed in to cave for about three days. After considering the situation conducive and the infidels had already gone away they then came out of the cave and walked at the night to Yastrib and arrived there on the date of 12 Robiul Awal

Ladies and Gentlemen

Thats is a short story of the emigration (Hijrah) of Rasulullah and his people. The city of Yastrib that was the destination of the messengers hijrah was then named Madinah Al-Munawwaroh. This name was to honor the historical city.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Nama : Eli Astri Yani

Kelas : IX A

No : 12

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

. . .

First of all, lets say Alkhamdulillah to praise Allah, to express our gratefulness to Allah as we have been given by Allah a good opportunity and chance so that we could gather here and meet each other to participate this contest. May his sholawat and salam borewanded to our prophet Muhammad SAW as the proncer of human life.

Dear Muslim students

A moment again the members of religious community Allah will to quality act of devotion fast; so.

We as Muslim student a obligatory road act of devotion fast like in order inside a letter Al Baqarah ayat 183.


Hi peoples particles faith in obligation your fast., how is obligatory on peoples no xet you, in order to you pretty.

Insyaallah fast will additional a perception we because when we no fast go into peoples particle in lose our inside a letter Al-Asr ayat 1-3.

Dear Muslim students

Last but not the least, I should like to call you to prepare our generation in order to be able o replace the old in the future. And I hope you and all Muslim where so ever they are to obstain frem bed action and furthermore we have to develop our skill and potency to reach the brighter future thats all and I hope what I have said will be more useful and beneficial forus. See you next time.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Nama : Ery Mulyati

No : 13

Kelas : IX A



The honorable of my teacher and my deasert friends.

First of all, lets say Alhamdulillah to praise Allah, to express our gratefulness to Allah as we have been given by Allah a good opportunity. May his sholawat and salam borewarded to our prophet Muhammad SAW as the plancer of human life.

Do you know the fast? The fast is to hold our self from all maters to the cancel fast from to come out down to drowned sun and withed intention and basic principles.

Fast in the month ramadhan the law is obliged for sect Moslem, when not to compare therefore will get sun.

The where ramadhan that alone is mount whichdesced Al-Quran by Allah as different between trae and wrang, and who thing present in brith place therefore people abligatory performed worship the fas in the month ramadhan.

Speaking of Allah in the Al-Quran Al-Baqarah : 183


Hi peoples the faith, obligatoried you fast already obligatoried the peoples before you, in order that became people the pious. (Al-Baqarah : 183)

And why there any people who believe addressed? Because only people who belive to be given by degree. Of high fear by Allah SWT what all of you all soybean cake that month of Ramadhan is month which is the full of benediction, among others :

That of his sleep is someone which the fasting is religious service, because he have taken care of his mouth expecting him to do not gossip, his ear he has taken care of do not listen which shouldnt be heard, his eye is not used to see immoral deed and his more special again word of prophet Muhammad SAW is that aroma trap one who fasting more fragrant of than aroma of oil Karturi. Special really its month of ramadhan of non?

After words we will study any kind of able to cancel fasting among others, eat and drink, doing gossip, doing immoral deed, and still many again. There is one very special night in Ramadhan that is night of Lailatul Qadar or night of a thousand month. Which if we do just religious service one time have earned reward of like we do during 83 months. Conceiving what a his glory is Allah to us.

Thats my which can submit if there is words which the heaving the pleasure to do not in liver of my friend apologize and meet again in other opportunity.

Nama : Fatkhudin A

Kelas : IX-A

No : 14

, . .


All praise are belong to Allah who has put the karnt on high rank, who eased the way to heaven to those who seek knowledge family. May the blessing and peace of Allah be upon the messenger of Allah Muhammad p.b.u.h his companious, his followers, his following follower till, the day of judgement.

I do not forget to say thank you to the master of this ceremony. For the chance given so that I am able to deliver a speech entitle with.

The superiority or seeking knowledge. Its clearly states that Allah will raise to high ranks those who have knowledge, and Allah raise 10 higher ranks those who have knowledge that who have faith but havent knowledge.

Honorable audience, on of the signs of a good servant is that the knows religious knowledge. It means before accomplishing by some people the obligation. Is getting wider, touching any body. For example if in a place there is a sick person dies, then the whole villagers. And if the sick person dies then the whole villagers bear the sin.

Lets strengthen our selves to seek religious and scientific knowledge. We commit a war against stupidity. As slam a dynamic religion which is anti stupidity, cause stupidity sends to marginal group and astray.

Finally Id like to say sorry if there is lackness asn mistake, and if there is truth, lets accept it and practice it in our life. Amien.

Nama : Ibnu Hajar

No : 15

Kelas : IX A

Father scout from office Department Education and Culture which respect!

Father head school which respect!

Father leader also father and mother teacher which respect!

All partner which loved!

Good afternoon

We group scietific young MTsN I really very happy because we selected as nominator for forward to step national with accuration with title Advantage Plant Grass As Food of Chicken which High Gizi. And on this opportunity we ready a demo to present about manner eating animals that also the advantages. Hope big we that demo success strongest certainly we all.

But, whatever which we working in now this not happened without support from teacher and all students. For that we say thank you.

The last, that we say plus minus we request sorry. Thank you.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Nama : Indah Sulistiyarini

No : 16

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Thank for the time given to me good ladies and gentlemens.

Honorable My English Teacher and my beloved friend.

Thy lord Allah SWT had bestowed us his mercy and blessing and all things we need hence, we should be grateful to lord of Allah in order we are able to be a good Moslem.

So we congratulate the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) the great man, who had brought us into the safety.

My friends is on aqidah

Seeking of science is the obligation for every Moslem, man or woman, youth or teenager even the oldest man in brief Allah SWT had been commanding use since of our birth from the womb of our mothers is was explained trough the prophets word al hadits clearly.

Uthlubil ilma minal mahdi ilal lahdi. Seek the science from your birth until burialthe graveof course, you are all, didnt know at one the anything in our circumstance at firs. How to tell, how to hear, how to pronounce as well.

Certainly, we didnt know anything on the time we born, but Allah give us the complete sences as a sight eye, ear, feeling and its useful since as we can use than to seek or learn what we do not know than we thank upon thy lord Allah.

Recently, we have been hearing science of technology some science programs to reach the modern discovery, which are sponsored by the western civilization. Its all required the man who hes special quality in degree only for who in has qualification in the profession.

We must seek any science to try to ward them all as our aim or challenge. Seeking for different kinds of sciences we will never find the limit where the science finishing

Those contituante of the Gods greatness for the mankind in order who le of their lives requires.

Beside that, we ought to remember thy lord Allah and worship upon him as the religion.

My friends in one aqidah

Trough this preach, lets arrange again the lack ness that we have to accomplish. May we always run on the Islamic laws?

Perhaps I finalize my speech and I beg your apology yo have found my mistakes in delivering my word.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Nama : Jumiati

Kelas : IX-A

No : 17

First of all, we say worship and praise thanks to Allah SWT and prophet we, prophet Muhammad SAW which already bring we from age dark to age this bright. We until can here together. I here will bring speech with theme.


For people dovout, after world very near. When some cant in back though momentaru. First of all, with come angel. Lucky soul which can charity. Yet misfortune soul which in curse. Now is not street other except attentions.

Allah SWT decree

Each which alive can feel dead. And truly on day doom in perfect reward. Any one avoid from hell and in input to deep heaven so truly already lucky. Live in world not other only pleasure which tease (QS. Al-Imron : 185)

Allah SWT already reminal every mankind that death is certainly. Every behavion will in perfect responsibility. Future on doomsday, all will look. So, lucky who only which attitude self morning and evening to meet death and loose who only which not attitude self make matter other. Because the Allah remind to mankind, order nor fascinate because pleasure world.

I thus from speech. Can in the benefit. Thank you very much.

Nama : Tri Aguspriyani

Kelas : IX A

Nomor : 38

. . . .( )

The honorable teacher, and my dearest friends thanks you for the opportunity that has been given to me to present my speech today.

First of all, let say we veneration and praise for Allah SWT, because with mercy and guidance it, we can to receive the month Ramadhan with full happy. This in the month Ramadhan we can to bring about fasting Ramadhan with full happy. And Alloh SWT to order the people devout to fast Ramadhan like as in the Al-Quran the letter Al-Baqarah 183, to sound :


( : 183)

Hi people that devout to have on you to fast as to have to on people before you, in order to you devotion (QS. 2 : 183)

Fast (As-Shaum) the meaning narrow is ordered or stopped from something, moderate in the meaning vast is avoided from to eat and to drink and from matter to cancel begin from time down till to come maghrib, because only to want to get consent Alloh SWT. Al-Quran is decree Alloh SWT, so all contents it is order like as to be found in letter Al-Baqarah 183, and Moslem tradition prophet say that fast is pillar Islam so not there is reason for one person Moslem to not fast in month Ramadhan. Really true truly Alloh SWT not only to oblige to just man Moslem, will but Alloh SWT to oblige too against man Moslem earlier before Islam. So, not there is hesitation confusion again that the fast to do heart we to become peaceful and to take man to live is excellency, free from to jave a chat habit and character that evil and to keep it from various suffering internal and to scrape off sins earlier.

Words Rosululloh SAW :

anyone to fast at the month ramadhan because belief and conescious it grace for it sains earlier (Hadits).

Suffering very healthy is feeling to sin, by because that to ask and to pary for Allah SWT all merciful, letter terrace religion excellent in the month Ramadhan. May Alloh SWT to consent it escafed from feeling to sin and regrets and blessing physical and metally.

Such reception from Im, thanks on all interest and to ask pardon an all error. At last, wabillahitaufik walhidayah.

Nama : Siti Romlah

Kelas : IX A

No. Absen : 36

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

All praise are belong to Alloh who has put the learnt on high rank, who based the why to heaven to those who seek knowledge firmly, and ordered the angels to spread peace to the knowledge seeker.

May the blessing and peace of Alloh be upon the messenger of Alloh Muhammad p.b.u.h his companions, his followers, his following followers till the day of judgement.

I do not forget to say thank you to the master of this ceremony, for the chance given so that I am able to deliver a speech entitle with :

Alloh will raise to high ranks those that have faith and knowledge among you. He is cognicant of all your actions (QS. Al-Mujadilah : 11).

Its clearly stated that Alloh will raise to high ranks those who have knowledge clearly. Ibnu Masud said : in this verse Alloh praise those who have knowledge than who have faith but havent knowledge.

My brother, the caliph Sulaeman bin Abdul Malik once picked up his two sons and said : O my children, learn knowledge by you both, cause knowledge enoble people who has no position. Wake the unconcious up, and raise a slave to the rank of kings. Thats true that the caliph Sulaeman learen to atho bin Rabah, where as atho was a old man of Habsyi, with dark skin, quite curly hair, very flat nose, and when he was setting the was like a black eagle.

Yet because of his strenght to seek knowledge from Abu Hurairah, Abdullah bin Umar, Abdullah bin Abbas, Abdullah bin Zubair and other great companions peace be upon them till his heart was abundant with knowledge fiqh and tradition of Rosululloh p.b.u.h even though we have already dead once Rosululloh SAW said :

If one dies, his action is stop. Except 3 things : Jariyah charity, usefull knowledge and a good son that says prayers to him

Because of the high rank of those have knowledge, Alloh mention them after himself and faith full angels who keeps close to him, Alloh says :

Alloh bears witness that there is no god but him, and so do the angles and men of learning. He is the executor of justice, the only god, the almighty, the wise

(QS. Ali Imran : 3)

Our need to knowledge, is on every single side of life, cause each action of us has to be based on knowledge, in other word, all of our activities, have be guided by knowledge. Eating, sleeping, waking up, dawa, faith and social interaction.

Ahmad bin Hanbal said ;

Our need to knowledge is more than food and drink, cause we eat twice or three time in a day is enough while every breath of us needs knowledge.

Honorable audience, one of the signs of a good servant is that he knows religious knowledge.

Brothers, no matter how we need science. Its a public obligation it means before accomplishing by some people the obligation is getting wider, touching any body. For example if in a place there is a sick person who needs a surgeon. And if the sick person dies, then to the villagers, and if the sick person dies, then the choice villagers bear the sin.

Lets strengten ourselves to seek religious and scientific knowledge. We commit a war against stupidity, al Islam a dinamic religion which is anti stupidity, cause stupidity sends to marginal group and abstray.

Finally Id like to say sorry if there is lackness and mistake, and if there is truth. Is truth, lets accept it and practice it in our life. Amin.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.


06 Oktober 2007 M / 24 Romadhon 1426 H


























































Yang bertanda tangan di bawah ini Kepala TK/SD/MI *) :

Kecamatan : .

Menerangkan dengan sesungguhnya dan sebenar-benarnya bahwa Saudara :

Nama :

Pendidikan / Ijazah Awal menjadi WB : Tahun Lulus

Pendidikan / Ijazah Tambahan : Tahun Lulus

Benar-benar secara aktif melaksanakan tugas sebagai Wiyata Bhakti terhitung mulai tanggal :


Sampai dengan saat Surat Keterangan/Pernyataan ini dikeluarkan.

Menyatakan bahwa pihak sekolah bertanggungjawab untuk mengembalikan Bantuan Kesejahteraan yang diterima oleh Saudara tersebut di atas kepada pemerintah, apabila :

Terbukti yang bersangkutan tidak aktif dan atau tidak lagi berstatus sebagai Wiyata Bhakti pada saat Surat Keterangan / Pernyataan ini dikeluarkan.

Terbukti menerima Bantuan Kesejahteraan yang sama pada jenjang pendidikan dan atau sekolah yang lain.

Demikian Keterangan / Pernyataan ini dibuat dengan sebenar-benarnya untuk dapat dipergunakan sebagaimana mestinya.

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Kepala Sekolah,


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