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The honorable my English Teacher, Ms. Retno and my beloved friends of XII TKJ A who present here.

Good morning, first of all,I would like to thank for Allah who had given us chance and time, so we can antted this nice day. In this occasion I would like to diliver my speech abour National Examination. In here I state the  National Examination should be abolished. Or it can be changed with another assesment method.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Do you know National Examination? Everybody know of it, it’s one of criterion to measure the successful of education procces for students, teachers, and school. Can the National Examination improve our quality of education ? I will answer NO.


Here I give the list of NE 2013 error while inventoried by JPNN.COM :

1 . D – 3 implementation of the UN , Friday ( 12/4 ) , about the script should already be in the province . But the facts on the ground , many areas have not received the examination script will be tested 15 April 2013 .

2 . D – 3 implementation of the UN , known besides many areas that have not received the script , also there is a mistake in the shipment . Noted , one sack exam script in Bengkalis , Riau Province stray into North Sumatra because of wrong address in writing .

3 . D – 2 implementation of the UN , Sunday ( 14/4 ) , because distribution exam script has no been arrived. Education Minister Mohammad Nuh officially announced the resignation of NE in 11 provinces of schedule 15 April to 18 April 2013 . That was first implementation of the NE that has happened since Indonesian independence .

4 . The first day of the NE on Monday ( 15/4 ) , there is a shortage of hundreds of packets about in some districts / cities in North Sumatra . It also occurs in Bandung , both about science, social studies or vocational . The solution was made policies that allow doubling ( copy ) the script NE to cover the shortfall .

5 . NE in First Day , Monday ( 15/4 ) , eight schools in Padangsidempuan , 10 schools in the Tebingtinggi and 1700 students majoring in social studies in Mandailing Natal ( Madina ) , delaying the first day of the NE for not receiving examination script.

6 . The first day of the UN on Monday ( 15/4 ) , there is chaos in London as well as implementation of the UN UN text that should be the first day Indonesian , but it turns out the contents of the envelope about English .

7 . The first day of the UN on Monday ( 15/4 ) , still in Bandung , SMK Cendekia was given NE scrpt for to senior high school.

Ladies and Gentleman

Based pf that, I totally agree if National Examination should be abolished. Right know, National Examination in 2013 was scattered. Many students, teachers and school were disappointed and angry, because many problem that can make the National Examination be failure. Such as, the  paper for National Examination is very slight, if the paper slight it’s can make student difficult  to answer the question, the paper can be broken if we want wipe out. And then this pollution make student be stress. For this year the goverment can’t prepare well all of the question for the all school. Some school get the question and some school didn’t get the question. And only that there is the wrong question have given to the school. Example "today the schedule is English but the some question is Math. How could it be? This tragedy has created injustice it’s school for the other school.

And then National Examination only take a Cognitive aspect while in education there are three aspects, Cognitive, Affective, physmotor. But in fact, National  Examination just takes one aspect. The other aspect don’t examine in National Examination the students are only tested on Indonesian Language,English,Math and Sciene. Time by time the students be stressful and weak. They became sick not physical but also their mental. So, it will be responsible it the student who have studied three years in junior high school or senior high school, get their right to pass the school well. If the National Examination still needed and have to be done.Don’t judge is as a reference to pass or the only target of education views.It will make the bad impact to everyone who earn on it.

Ladies and Gentleman

We can change the assesment of NE with the examination that tested by its own teacher who can examine of three aspect Cognitive, Affective, physmotor.

Thanks for your attention.

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