Pidato : Good Morning Everybody! !

Assalamu ‘ alaikum wr.wb
Good Morning everybody! !
   First of all , I would like to introduce my self , my name is Octa Shela Karlin Bukit, I’m come from senior high school Nurul Ilmi , Padangsidimpuan North Sumatra .
Secondly , let’s thank to Allah who has been giving us mercy and blessing in here after .
 Thirdly , salawat and salam may be with our prophet Muhammad SAW who has guided as from darkness to enlighment .

Dear Jury ,

Thank to Committee who give me a chance to deliver my speech and the tittle is Education in Nurul Ilmi .

Education is a teaching and learning from one person to one person or to a group .

But here I am going to bring about education in Nurul Ilmi .
 Nurul Ilmi was founded on 27 December 1995. Established by dr.Badjora who had survived up to 15 years for this moment . Nurul Ilmi located on the road B.M. 5 young Padangsidimpuan North Sumatra . dr.Badjora is the first surgeon in the Nov. 22 Padangsidimpuan the 74 -year -old .
Here the school curriculum is divided into two , namely :
– Fulldays School
– Boarding School
 Fulldays School is a learning system which will begin at 7:10 am until 16:10 pm . In one day Fulldays School study in 11 subjects taking a break twice at 10:00 and 12:30 are used for midday prayers lunch fund .
 Boarding is the fancy learning system starting at 07:10 until 14:10 . In just one day of lessons learned in 9 . When clock 14:10 Boarding School back to the dorm .
But most people think that studying for it makes tired and weary , and so are forced to learn , but in fact it is wrong . For generations because it was more persistent and enterprising Indonesia and not too mingle freely with the excessive time and supervised by teachers .
Excess Boarding School is a school than Fulldays , they are more independent and learn to be given a regular evening schedule . Schedule of learning the night after Isha approximately 20:00 until 22:00 . After completion of their learning back to the hostel to rest .
   And on Saturday held at Nurul Ilmi appropriate extracurricular talents and interests of students . And the system administration and Boarding Fulldays different . If Fulldays already set and wear Boarding group , for parents in terms of economy .
   And other advantages , Nurul Ilmi dormitory at boarding school different from others because here forbidden to carry communications equipment and electronics , and all his clothes by hand wiping .
In Nurul Ilmi , boys and girls classes are distinguished and forbidden to communicate . And daughter must wear clothes that cover the chest and head scarf long dress her . below the knee . And men must wear clothes . batik dress shirt and long pants except length .
   However , Nurul Ilmi also has the disadvantage that the environment is less clean , and the facilities are lacking .
But look at it from our side should not be too condescending , because everything must have flaws and no one is perfect .
My hope for the future, hopefully Nurul Ilmi more advanced and developed for education in Indonesia and the world . Not only Nurul Ilmi , I also hope that Indonesian education better and can cover up to the entire world .
From this I can conclude with the school system full day boarding and better in terms of the curriculum and the learning process of the students than a regular school . And it will all be good if there is awareness within ourselves.
I thought , my speech quite up here if there is a mistake I ‘m maap and hopefully we can meet at another time .
     Thank you for your attention .

Good Morning

Assalamu ‘ alaikum wr.wb .

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