Cigarette is a cylinder of paper measuring 70mm in diameter 10 mm containing tobacco

leaves that have been chopped. Cigarette burned at one and allowed to smolder so the smoke

can be inhaled through the mouth.

Senior High School / Student is an asset of a nation that needs to be educated to

become qualified human physical and spiritual.

In General, the progress of a nation depends greatly on the next generation like us. If

such generation we have moral damages and behavior, then it could be ascertained that nation

in the verge of a slowdown. And one behavior that makes the damage itself is smoking in

Senior high school.

One of the reason for new smoker increase is because incessant cigarette ads circulating

in society. So it seems like a person who smokes looked the more successful and tough

Are those 4000 evil substances not enough to make us to stop smoking in Senior High


The advantages of smoking in Senior high school just for a moment. The disadvantage is

you like burning money on its own, and we could have contracted the disease, and the disease

can only make us die like: cancer, heart attack and impotence, and it is caused by your own.

So, I think I disagree for smoking in Senior High School. Because:

1.Not yet time for that

2.Try to focus the lesson

3.Not seek your own money

4.Buy cigarettes same as you buy your hurt own

5.And its totally not cool

I think the solution is:

1.factor of in ourself

2.The role of teachers and parents very important

3.Doing activities that positive

So.. please stop smoking in the senior high school right now, because it’s not good for our

future. Trust me it Works!