Pidato Buat Sma Perpus

As good flying start of doing everything in every side of our life should be accompanied by starting our praise to the Almighty god in order to grant all we do in this world. Now that we are only able to plan what we wish but the only one can grant it is the lord of the world.

As an obligation of ours to our leader is to say our greeting and salutation for our prophet Muhammad SAW, eliminating the dark and showing the bright till we can live in this bright day.

My excellencies to the grand juries

My respectful to the all teachers

And dear my beloved brother and sister

Ladies and gentlemen

Creating high grade generation in the globalization era is the title of my speech today. Before giving my own words about that title, let me tell you about my self first I am ____________as a representative of state junior high school____________

Ladies and gentlemen

To create high grade generation is not like winking of our eyes or turning our hand. I have an observation about our generation today. Thats very unique. What did our generation have? First , our generation dont have self confidence. Cheating is the real fact of the bad habitual they did. Of course by having this bad habitual, they will never try to show their ability in every side of their life. That why we, the young generations cant develop in this globalization era. The second, they seldom care of something happen beside their eyes. Theres no cooperation we found for our generation nowadays. They never think that they cant stand alone, live alone without any help from the others.

So Ladies and gentlemen

After getting the background we should have the suitable solution. Because what we do is all to create high – grade generation. Before telling the tips I would like to tell you the means of generation first. Generation is a valuable asset who plays an important role in developing country.

Ladies and gentlemen

As the matter of fact, there are two factors in creating high – grade generation namely internal factor and external factor

Now about internal factor first, it is from our own self such as wish or an ability we have. Of course it will connect to our parents because family is the first place where we learn about good or bad and right or wrong. Thats why parents play an important role to create high grade generation.

There are three points of parents role. First, building a good attitude in every step their children did in order to they can appreciate and love their own self and but we have to remember that parents should succeed in entrusting their children. Second, building a self confidence. we will be able to develop our self confidence after we see an evidence from our parents, so parents should show the good behavior and motivation to their children, like us. The third, building an autonomous character. A parent should trigger the progress of their son and let them to make up their mind so that they are brave in making decision. If they are wrong, parents should guide them to the right way.

Ladies and gentlemen

The second is external factor. School is the second place which plays an important role in creating high grade generation. They are two points of schools role. First, developing a talent or skill. As far as the teacher has an obligation to transfer KAP ( Knowledge Attitude and Practice ). The teacher should motivate the students or generation to develop their skill or talent through some ways such as games, quiz or making small groups with their friends. Of course by doing that, generation will keep on showing the change of their talent as the integrity of it. The second, building an interest. To make an interest toward something we never like should be accompanied by the teachers guidance because we know sometimes the generation are wrong in choosing.

So ladies and gentlemen

Thats very clear enough to create high grade generation in this globalization era depends on to big factors, internal and external factors as my following conclusion.

We, ourselves can create high grade by having the big wish and strong ability but dont forget to have a faith to make all we do run smoothly.

Parents should help to create high grade generation because they are the first place to build a good attitude self confidence and autonomous character in our generation self.

Teacher should give their hands to build an interest of the students do not have and develop a talent.

Ladies and gentlemen

After knowing the conditions, we will be easy to set up our steps to create high grade generation in globalization era. I think thats all about my speech and its complete enough for me to this point. The wrong utterances are caused by the limitation of my ability and the right ones are merely from allah swt. I beg your pardon finally I say wabillahi taufik walhidayah Assalamualaikum wr. Wb