Pidato Copy.docx : Firstly, Lets Say Thanks To Our God Who

Assalamualaikum wr wb

Firstly, lets say thanks to our God who has given us mercies and blessing so, we can gather in this place in good condition

Secondly, sholawat and salam always be delivered to our prophet Muhammad SAW who has guided as from the darkness to the lightness

In this occasion please allow me to give my speech on the title The Importance of Moral Education

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Previous surely we all know that education is the most important part in the life of the nation. Without education, we are unlikely to be able to continue the life of the state, especially to maintain the dignity of the nation in the international eye. A nation where education can be said to be developed in the advanced countries and can manage both human and natural resources for the welfare of its citizens. To that end, various efforts have been made jointly by the various parties to promote education in Indonesia. Nevertheless, equip future generations with science and technology alone is not sufficient to continue and even improve the lives of people. They need to get a form of moral education as the nation’s next generation of personal morality, honest and responsible. Moral education is one of the nation’s capital to improve conditions.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We certainly realize that the deterioration of a nation can be caused by damage to moral citizens. Moral damage could be caused by the citizens themselves who can not control themselves with faith and devotion to our God. In addition, the destruction of ethics can also be due to too complacent with television shows or entertainments are less educated. The evidence suggests that the next generation need moral guidance primarily from family and school. This is reflected in the news revealed that internet cafes in large cities mostly visited by students and college students, including children’s elementary school and junior high. However, it turns out most of these visitors-including elementary and middle school students do not use the internet facility as well as possible. They do not use it to find information or learn something positive, but using it to get negative things, like pornography. This fact is certainly very troubling many people, especially for parents and teachers. While the facts about the ethics of honesty that feared the collapse will continue, has become a familiar story to be heard, such as corruption, bribery, loss of the rule of law, etc.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Therefore, it is obligatory for us, especially parents and educators, to pay attention to the education of the future of the nation. Not only general education, but more importantly moral education and coaching faith and devotion to our God for the next generation has a noble and high ideals. Thus, progress and prosperity of the nation is expected to be realized.

Thanks for your attention, i hope it can be usefull for us

Wassalamualaikum wr wb