Tugas Bahasa Inggris Pidato Arindra

Assalamualaikum wr wb


I am very happy because of this chance to stand together with these great people in this podium. Let us thank God for giving health and valuable opportunity for being here.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Have you ever seen the students smoke? Have you ever seen the students truant? Have you ever seen the students brawl? And have you ever heard of the students that involved in free sex?


I think all will be say yes. This means that moral attitudes of Indonesian teenagers have turned away from the values and norms of the real the real Indonesia. Everyone involved in those bad things are students, the young people who should have the best ethics because they have been educated through educational institutions.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Why are all the things happen? Before you answer it, I want to express an opinion. In Indonesia, I see the demand of academic value is so high. When the students get the higher score, parents, teachers, and all those around the will be more proud of these achievements. It makes us all forget a really important thing, the moral education.


Students continue to be encouraged for studying hard, but they are not given the opportunity to build a social life, emotional intelligence, and spiritual. Every day, students are only given Mathematics, Science, Language education, Physics, and Chemistry. All of those must be learned and memorized.


Because of too much academic material, students do not get a portion of moral education. As a result, they are easily tempted to commit immoral acts and even criminality. They understand that the most important is the score at the end of the test, but not includes attitudes in society.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Of course, we all very disappointed to see the moral of Indonesian students who are increasingly low and are at the destruction. This should not be allowed to continue and must be addressed properly. It requires the cooperation of all human parents, educators, and government in order to create the moral intelligence decreases.


I hope we can create a learning system that is accompanied by moral exhortation, good behavior, and a discipline that makes students not only have a high score, but also a good morality.


Do not give up, keep fighting, and be the noble of education.


Wassalamuaiakum wr wb.