Pidato Perpisahan : Praise Is To Allah, The Lord Of The

Praise is to Allah, the lord of the world, and the sequel is for those who keep their duty unto him. Further, there will be no hostility except against wrongdoers.

Blessing and salutation upon the most honorable prophet and messenger, his families, all his disciples, and those who follow them in goodness till the any of judgment.

Dont forget I say thanks to Master of ceremony who has give me chance to deliver my speech with the title RESPONSIBILITY TO DEFENCE RELIGION

Ladies and Gentlemen, Happy brothers and sisters!

One day the messenger of Allah had a walk with companions after a little while they saw a dead donkey, the messenger said, who want this donkey? no one, answer the companions. Then who want accept it if I give it, ask the prophet. no one answered the companions. Then the messenger said , This world is just like that dead donkey, even worse when without religion.

World without religion is just like a dead body even worse. If we think it deeper, what the meaning of live without religion is. mankind is only dirt carrier, isnt it? Arent we just like a worker robot which will get more and more trouble?

Religion makes Allah loves us and with it we will get reward and happy ending. Since we practice the religion our ranks are raised in heaven. Cause of it, we are put on heavenly rugs, mattress, luxurious rooms with fruit and delicious food.

Thus Allah command us to establish the religion

In the holy qur’an Asy-syuro verse 13 clearly stated that prominent figures of prophets have the duty of erecting religion, so if we want to be exalted and noble we have to follow them. Build the religion which is getting down and down, departed by people Allahs help will accompany us with one condition we defence this religion.

Allah said

Believers, if you help Allah, he will help you and make you strong.

The principle is whenever we stay away from defencing religion, then Allahs help will get away too. And if we come closer to Allah, Allahs help will get closer

Oh my brother and sister, lets defence our religion, insyaallah He will defence us, help us and prosper our life

Ladies and Gentlemen, Happy brothers and sisters!

Do we realized that we are going to fade away as our predecessor ? dont they have passed away and be in the here after ? without religion, actually we just undergo empty days with no value and score.

As the Moslem generation, we have a great responsibility to the future of religion and nation. Young generation is the only hope of the life of nation, the development and the decline of nation depend on them. And the victory and the destruction of religion and nation are on the hands of next generation. Its quite right what Mustofa Al-gholayain said in the book of Idhotun Nasyiin

Yaa masyarosyabaab, inna fii yadiikum amrol ummah, wafii aqdaamikum hayaatahaa

Hi youthssurely all kind of communitys problem, in the success of not depend on your hands, and surely the development of religion, nation and country are on your shoulder

Dear Moslems!

Last but not the least; I would like to call you all to prepare our generation in order to be able to replace the old generation in the future. And I hope you and all Moslem society and Moslem brothers wherever they are to obtain from bad action and furthermore we have to develop our skill and potency to reach up the brighter future. Amin ya robbal alamiin.

I thing its enough, Id like to say if you dee any mistakes, I ask your forgive. Then Id like to say Wassalamualiakum Wr. Wb.