Pidato 1 : Name Inggrid Amuntoda

Name: Inggrid Amuntoda

Grade: XII IPS 4

First of all, lets say our praise and gratitude to God because all of His blessing, mercy, and guidance upon all of us. solawat and salam may everlastingly be upon our Great Prophet Muhammad Saw who had lead and guided us from darkness to shining bright path.

To all of my grade 3 students of SMAN 3 Kupang that I proud ofThe national examinations is like a train. The system of the examinations makes many students feel uneasy and afraid to face it. However, national examination is a fact that should be faced by every student and teacher in every school wherever it is. Like or not, ready or not, sad, lazy, worried, antipathy. Nevertheless, national examination must be passed successfully because national examination is a gateway to reach for anyones future.

For those students of elementary and middle school, national examination is a gateway to continue the study to a better level of education, even more qualified and prestigious ones (sometimes). National examination for all of you, high school students, is a gateway to the real future. Every student learns to be able to make right a decision on his/her choice.
Four alternatives of choice for all of you: continuing your study to college, working, marrying, or having no particular activities in other words being idle. Every student must deal with national examination. The fact is that national examination could be something that determines the future of someones education.

To all my students of SMAN 3 Kupang that I love,Here are the some tips to manage your time for national exam purpose:

1.Get used to wake up more early (around 3 AM) Take a bath soon after you wake up. Survey said that taking a bath early in the morning can make the mind become fresher and brain go clear in thinking and memorizing anything you learn.

2. Studying time management
Manage your studying time well. The most effective time to study is in early in the morning before the Fajr prayer, at the school, and after Isya prayer. Maximum studying time is up to 10 PM. Try not to sleep too late because body needs to rest.

3. Increasing of problems solving
The bottom line, students need to solve many tests and problems of their subjects theyre studying. If its required, you can give it a time limit while solving the problems. Thereby, we can evaluate how good we are in problems mastery according to the time limit given.

4. Maintain your foods and drinks (healthy and nutritious)
The intake of foods and drinks should be kept in good quality, either from its nutrition of kosherness. Foods that make your stomach full dont always mean they are healthy. Nutritious foods dont mean they are kosher. It is required some smartness in selecting all of them. So, maintain our body in order to consume hygienic, healthy, nutritious, and kosher foods and drinks.

5. Adequate rest
Our body does need relaxation. A form of relaxation thats the most effective is sleep rest. Sleep should also be effective and it is unneeded to take a long sleep. You dont need to sleep for 8 hours like a child below five. Effective sleep is at the time when your eyes and mind have gotten tired already. If your eyes is tired but not for the mind, sometimes sleep becomes ineffective and you end up taking a long time to sleep. So, your task is to learn how to sleep effectively. Insya Allah you will wake up fresher in the morning.

6. Regular exercises Between the density of your school and studying activities, it would be better for you to have some exercises regularly. It is enough by jogging and cycling around and many other exercises to make your body stay healthy and fresh.

7. Praying
Human only attempts and tries, however everything is fully determined God. Prayer is the power of soul extended to the One Who Holds over the Universe. To Him we hope and wish. God is The One Who determines the fate of His each servant. Therefore, increase your prayers. May God always ease our ways.

I wish everything I have conveyed can bring all the good things for all of you. There are a lot of things you can prepare from now on. There is no word for LATE to start the goodness. I wish behind the hard works and determined efforts in reaching for goals, Allah will reward you a pass for all the examinations like you all want. I am sorry for any mistake on my words. Thank you for the attention