I am delighted to be here, hosting a special event and special moment, and want to extend a special welcome our honored geust from delegations of The Kingdom of The Netherlands Embassy. I also want to special welcome Bu Inge, Chairman of Widya Mitra Semarang. An let me also express my warm thanks to all of Rumah Kartinis member, who join us today.

Thank you all for coming. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to visit the Rumah Kartini, one of Japaras most respected community for rescuing Japaras histories and cultures. It is my pleasure to host today.

Ladies and Gentleman, Japara faces (actually, it faced for a long time) today an usually series of challenges, perhaps none more pressing than that, posed by Critical Moment of History, which is spreading apathetical to its ancestors; as many as you know the lack of a sense of history is the damnation of the modern world.

Rumah Kartini believe deeply Japara histories are leading us to find a few facts which cement the importance of it in human lives. People like Raden Ajeng Kartini, Raden Mas Aryo Adipati Kusumo Utoyo, and Kyai Tunggul Wulung have contributed important thoughts and teachings to their respective fields. All their great work will be wasted if Jarapas people do not understand their ideals and appreciate the work done by them. Rumah Kartini believe we may not be able to completely imbibe their ideas in our life, but when we are trying to study them it seems like we prevent these ideas from being lost. The histories we search can always pass on to our next generation, which is mean histories were thought that the past helps us understand who we are.

Having the Embassy of The Kingdom of The Netherlands here is one of our big opportunities. As many of we know, collecting peaces of history is a top priority of the Embassy of The Kingdom of The Netherlands and is a personal priority of its as Ambassador. It is pleasure to us to be here, witness of an Billateral Cooperation between Rumah Kartini and the Embassy of The Kingdom of The Netherlands. A strategic partnership of Billateral Cooperation are leading the way to achieve Rumah Kartinis goal and advance the Embassy of The Kingdom of The Netherlands strategic ini many ways.

I am so pleased having the Embassy of The Kingdom of The Netherlands as a chairman of Rumah Kartini, such a broad range of non-governmental organizations providing immediate search and rescue historical objects teams. And our very first project to rescue historical objects is reproduction of Macan Kurung (Spotted Tiger); a famous wood carved from Japara and its legendary design has been made by successive generations in Belakanggunung, Mulyoharjo, Japara. Few people knows of its close historical connection with Raden Ajeng Kartini. The idea of Macan Kurungs design was came up by Raden Kartini herself and was nearly extinct. Thanks to SHF (Shared Heritage Fund) programme, Rumah Kartini was given the opportunity of support costs to reproduce this carving unique and Japaraness most worth.

Rumah Kartini and I are very honored we have with us delegation of Netherlands Embassy who have trust us and concerned with us to shared cultural heritage sector in Japara with our objective to work together on the conservation, use, management and visibility of shared Dutch-Indonesian cultural heritage. It is very meaningfull for us to prevent this his historical object from being lost. We hope the Billateral Cooperation goes well, and I wish all of our goal success in doing more partnership to find a few importance historical object for Japaras human lives.

Thank you.