PIDATO INGGRIS : NameIdah Hamidah

Name:Idah hamidah Class:X-9 Speech English

Assalammualaikum Wr Wb.

Respectable My Head Master and My Teacher , respectable My loving friend

First of all let us climb to worship and praise the thanks for presence of Allah SWT overflowed the blessing and hidayahnya to us all so that we can gather in this event and give the opportunity to me to give the oration of about Drugs in teenager eyes.

Attendant which I the respect , drug is madecine forbidden and can make we become addictive , the first possible of initially only like to know and try old but – too long become addictive , drug also can make the rising generation become to fall to pieces its future.

The kinds of drugs :

A). Narcotic

B). Cannabis

C). Sabu – sabu etc.

Drug have rampant where Indonesia take possession of the third sequence of Asia, we are as the rising generation have to take care of the assocciation, we don’t recognize and fallen to in drug.

Possible only just that is I which can submit more or less I am sorry and thank you for your attention.

Wassalammualaikum Wr Wb.