Pidato Tourism : Based On UUD No. 10/2009 , Is Every Tour

Tourism based on UUD No. 10/2009 , is every tour activities that is supported by good facility, service or hospitality of society, entrepreneur, government, and local government.

The Tourism Industry is service and bussiness that includes everything that a traveler does on a trip eat, sleep, party, attend a conference, rent a car, take a taxi, shop, change foreign currency etc. It means that all of the economic activities of farmers, fishermen, cooks, shopkeepers, bartenders, tour guides, banks, hotels, carnival bands, entertainers, electricians, customs, immigration and literally every job that impacts directly or indirectly on tourism are all part of the tourism value chain.

The unique herritage and destination of Indonesia for tourism Industry

Indonesia that has 17.508 island, is definitely potential in tourism because Indonesia is the greatest plural nation. There are 1.128 ethnic group, hundreds traditional dance, various cultural festival, and many beautiful destination.

We have wonders of the world; Tiga Warna Lake, Komodo Island, and Borobudur Temple. Beside that

The contribution of tourism industry for solving economical problem

International Union of Official Travel Organization (IUOTO) Conference in Roma 1963 declared that tourism is important not only as the gift for devisa, but also as the decision-factor of develompment for isolated village to be better economy and solve employment.

Tourism sector is the third largest foreign exchange earner in Indonesia, after the mining and oil and gas. Data from Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2000, shows, including the business sector, the small bussiness sector is directly related to the tourism business is quite a lot. Workers absorbed in it are also quite large, reaching 2,781,891 people.

Small bussiness such as traditional cullinary, souvenir, statue,

Supported factor that is important for tourism Industry

Promote destination of Indonesia by social media such as facebook, twitter, and blog because base on Kompas News (March 27,2013) said that 80% local and international tourist are ussually browsing google first as the consideration.

The seceruty of regions shoud be upgraded because tourist not only look for beautiful, unique, and comfortable place, but also need to feel safe. The fact on 2006 Bomb Bali I, Bomb Bali II, and the case video that spreads in youtube, a pressure in giving traffic ticket for tourist, makes the number of tourist decrease drastically.

Transportation and accomodation
Government should support the develpment of airport because not every regions that have wonderful destination, provide air transportation such as….

Human resouches
English training program should be improved and acceptable inclusively because in every single transaction need global communication. As sample, the number of tourist in Vietnam always decrease because of the lackness in English.