Pidato : First Of All, Thanks To Allah SWT Or God Who Has

Assalamu Alaikum Wr. Wb.

First of all, thanks to Allah SWT or God who has giving us healt, opportunity, spirit of power, and mercy, blessing. And say greeting to our prophet Muhammad SAW up on him we hope so he always get protection from the god, his family, his follower.

Ladies and Gentlement

In this chance i would like to deliver my speech in front of audience, my little speech is The Negative Effect of Drugs

Ladies and Gentlement

As we know, drugs are very dangerous to our bodies. Drugs at this time has become a habit for teenagers All this time, drugs abuse is rife, not only only the old group, even teenagers have a lot of used, the case is cause for serious concern, because teenagers is the future generation. One reason is lack of parental supervision of children and that too free association,. More over, edolescentmind is still unstable and always filled with curiosity, they will always try somthing new, and if this condition is not accompanied by the guidance of parents, then, the children got into the act which only harm himself. In modern times with the advanced tekhnology is so easy to supply drugs to different region.

Ladies and gentlement

If we think,that drugs abuse would be advantage for us, even just going to get the loss, such is diseas of HIV/AIDS. Which until now has not found a cure that will only bring suffering missory. Selain itu, well decrease the motivation to learn and become lazy,and can be broken our mind caused by a chemical substance contained.

Therefore, i appeal to your friends on myself to stay away from drugs or the lik,e, should not we try it even just one. And diligent to draw close to god, then well avoid the negative effect of drugs.

I think that all of my speech, thanks for your attention and please forgive for all of my mistake in my words.

Wassalamu AlaikumWr. Wb.