Pidato Inggris: Good Morning All, Alhamdulillah

Good morning all, Alhamdulillah by the grace of Allah the Almighty God, now I can stand here in front of you all. At this moment we can meet in good condition. Now I will tell you about "The importance of protecting the environment"

Plants, people, animals and the environment are interdependence. Plants need a good environment for growing, animals need plants to eat, and human need everything to survive. Everything went as usual until the human who destroying it. No one of living things on the earth who can destroying it except the human.

Globalization may already be familiar to you . Globalization can accelerate the rate of economy anywhere. Technology developed over the years become a tool that can easily human works. Even to support it many new technologies are born for example a computer. Unfortunately, the speed of current technological improvement not followed by protecting awareness of surrounding environment. Massive oil drilling caused by the human vehicle is increasing along with increasing human populations from year to year. Finally, the waste produced from the vehicles, become one of the main factors polluted air around us. A lot of environmental damage that we often hear, for example, global warming ,acid rain, greenhouse effect, environmental pollution and so on.

The greenhouse effect caused by excessive carbon dioxide gas and causes global warming makes the earth hotter. The next phenomenon is acid rain, although it can prevent global warming but acid rain is more dangerous. humans are the main causes ! Start From now let’s keep our environment for our grandchildren one day later. because no matter how small work you do, will be felt by our children and grandchildren one day later.

This is enough from me . sorry if there was a mistake, thank you for your attention.

Good morning

Honorable my teacher and my beloved friends. In this opportunity I would like to deliver a speech entitled environmental damage in Indonesia.

First of all let us deliver our biggest thanks to almighty God, because we can be gathered here through His blessing.

Ladies and gentlemen, as we know nowadays every human activities are affected by the amount of nature resources and energy in our country. Most industrial sector in Indonesia utilize the natural resources and energy to run their production. By the reason, natural reservation is very important to save our nature. Nature is a place for human and living things to live in. If we use them in irresponsible way, it would cause serious damage. The smash up weve made to our beloved nature is as same as self destruction to our selves. Why I said so? Because a country is connected to other country as well as the nature. Thats why every country on earth has the responsibility to protect our earth and prevent it from destruction.

The effects of the environmental damage are:

Global warming: as we know we already felt it all over the world as well as in our country, Indonesia.

Air temperature is increasing.

Sea level is rising, and will submerge small islands and lands around the coast.

Climate change and extreme weather which can be seen in many places around the world also in Indonesia.

Beside these four effects, earth and our environment have other threats as acid rain and natural disasters all over the country. These phenomenas must have a link to the environmental damage that occurs. If the causes of these damages are not handled well, it surely makes it getting worse and harmful to all living things on earth.

The largest contributor for this damage is pollution that is caused by coal combustion of big industrial factories.

Green house effect is the effect of the combustion and it is also caused global warming. The environmental damage can be reduced by putting garbage in the trash bin, reforestation, and keep our environment clean and safe. Go green or planting one tree each person could also reduce global warming. Remember, STOP GLOBAL WARMING.

Finally, this is the end of my speech. I hope it will be useful to all of us. I do apologize if there were any mistakes on my speech. Thank you for your kind attention. Have a nice day.

Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb
Dear principal
I respect Mr / Mrs Teachers and Administrative staff
And friends whom I love

Let us pray toward praise and thank the presence of God Almighty who has delegated His blessings so that we can gather here and on today I will give a speech about drugs.

In Indonesia the number of drug users is so large, because of weak law enforcement in Indonesia, international dealers can cooperate with Indonesian citizens and gain a big advantage. Abuse of Narcotic Drugs and other additives that would bring a broad and complex effects. As a result, among others, changes in behavior, impaired health, decreased work productivity drastically, crime and other violence.

Drug abuse can be prevented through programs such as following the social activities, no dealings with users or drug dealers, not easily influenced solicitation or seduction to use drugs. Drug users usually dominated by teens and schoolchildren.

Schools also provide counseling to students about the dangers and consequences of drug abuse through a Master BP, discussions involving students in planning for intervention and prevention of drug abuse in schools. Another important program is the program of Narcotics alert by recognizing the characteristics of students who use drugs, be aware of the existence of an unknown guest or dealers, perform impromptu raids.

Usually the dealers and users in sekolahh been well aware school programs for the prevention of a user or users at the school, nominally, of course, anticipate the best they can. Any smart as their tips, like a clever-clever squirrel jump, eventually falling as well. Sharpshooter moves to avoid detection is in charge of schools, but given the nature of the addictive drug and a higher dose Demand discipline is also a safe way will unfold

For that let us avoid and stay away and joined combat drug use. Thus speech can I tell if there are errors in the spoken word, I apologize. For your attention and I thank you my end.

Wassalamu’alaikum WrWb

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