Pidato English Contoh Bahasa Inggris On This Occasion I Will

On this occasion I will deliver a speech entitled teenagers today. Brothers and gentlemen, in a world full or completely modern or progress is unstoppable and can not be hindered by anything, it turns in the life of our society progress today can alter the properties of the human social good that children, adolescents , and parents. But that we need to highlight the change in the social nature for teenagers, because the lives of teens today many lead to something negative one example of teenage life today, in the life of the family leave system kerama or manners because teenagers do not respect parents, if going to school is not menyalam parents, as well as the bold lie in the elderly.

Then another example of life in the community of today’s teenagers are a lot of acts of criminality and without morals. For example in public life teens do a lot of fights, drinking, hanging out on the bridge, as well as the lives of today’s teens often malign, causing pitting among teenagers to brawl. Not to mention the use of drugs among adolescents and free sex.

In the life of the nation and of the teenagers today do not think about how to develop the nation but instead teen degrading and culture. one example of teenagers start mired in banned organizations, one of the drug dealers organizations Hence, I have proposed a settlement in order to be a good life and a normal teenager again:

By way of inviting teenagers to the right path through the deepening of religion.

Participate in a positive organization.

Follow the seminar which was held by the people.

Therefore, let us wake up a teenager full of positive minds, in order to make a strong and vibrant teenagers achieve glorious achievement. Maybe that’s all from me if there are words that are less pleasing in its delivery or does not understand me apologize as much as possible.