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Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.


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All my friends in grade IX and also in grade VIII and VII

First of all, let us praise to the Almighty Allah SWT, because of His Blessing we are able to come here, to attend a farewell ceremony for the students of SMPN 1 Tikung grade IX in the academic year 20092010.

Secondly, may shalawat and salam be upon the Prophet Muhammad SAW who has guided us from the darkness into the brightness.Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters

In this good opportunity, I stand here to represent all the students of SMPN 1 Tikung Grade IX to give a valedictory speech.

On the behalf of all students grade IX .

Firstly, we would like to say thank you very much for all the teachers of SMPN 1 Tikung who have taught, educated, and guided us so that we can pass the national exam (UN) successfully. Thank you very much for your dedication. We know that your advice, guidance, and motivations have made us better not only in thinking but also in attitudes. My teachers we realize that we cannot give you reward. We can only give you gratitude and pray. May God repay your kindness. May God always bless you allSecondly, we would like to apologize to all of the teachers, administration staffs and all the elements of SMPN 1 Tikung. Please, forgive our mistakes forgive all the bad things that we have done and hopefully we can make our attitudes better than before.

Thirdly, especially to our younger brothers and sisters in grade VIII and VII, we would like to remind you, please keep studying hard, obey your teachers advices, try to be better than us. And, please pray for us to be able to continue our study so that someday we will become successful and useful persons for this country and our society.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters

I think thats all my valedictory speech. I am so sorry for all my wrong words.

The last, on the behalf of students grade IX, once again, I would like to say: forgive us remember us pray for us, for the students of SMPN 1 Tikung grade IX academic year 2009-2010. Thank you very much.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. WbWords to remember:

farewell ceremony : upacara perpisahan

valedictory speech : pidato perpisahan

attitude : tingkah laku

on the behalf of : atas nama (untuk mewakili)

represent : mewakili

realize : menyadari

reward : hadiah penghargaan

gratitude : ucapan terima kasih

apologize : meminta maaf

repay : membalas

kindness : kebaikan lamualaikum wr.wb. Good afternoon for everyone.

With all due the respect to the honorable Mr. Principal, to the honorable Mr. and Mrs. Teachers, to the honorable parents of student grade VI, and to all my dearest friends.

First of all, lets say our praise and gratitude to Allah SWT because of His grace and blessing upon us, we are given the best condition of our health to gather here altogether today. Today, we gather up in order to have a farewell ceremony and also graduation celebration day for students grade VI.

To all the teachers and students, time really passed so fast. It has been 6 years since our first time to study and take many lessons at this school. There are lots of knowledge and lessons we had. All of them are really helpful for us.

Now, the graduation has finally come. After this 6 years we had learnt so many things from you all my teachers, on the behalf of my friends grade VI, I say our great thanks for all of you our dearest teachers. Every lesson and advice you gave will always we remember.

We also say our deepest apology for all of our mistakes and mischief we have ever made during our study at this school. Remember us as the students you have ever taught someday.

Not to forget, we also say our great thanks to our beloved parents who are attending on this occasion. Our parents always give their love and motivation to us so that we all can graduate and celebrate it today.

To all my friends, all the happenings we had and experienced at this school; sadness, happiness, and bliss will always remind us to this beloved school. After graduation, I wish we all can always be encouraged to stay determined in studying to reach for the goals.

Last words, on the behalf of friends grade VI, I would like to say goodbye to our beloved school. We will everlastingly remember this school. Thats all I can say. I say my deepest apology for all the mistakes on my words. Thank you for the attention.

Wassalamualaikum wr.wb

terjemahan Pidato Perpisahan dalam Bahasa Inggris

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. Selamat siang untuk semuanya.

Bapak Kepala Sekolah yang saya hormati, Bapak dan Ibu Guru yang saya hormati, Para orang tua murid Kelas VI yang saya hormati, Teman-Teman yang saya cintai.

Pertama-tama, marilah kita panjatkan puji dan syukur ke hadirat Allah Swt. karena dengan rahmat dan hidayah-Nya kita diberi kesehatan untuk berkumpul bersama pada hari ini. Hari ini, kita berkumpul dalam rangka hari perpisahan sekaligus hari perayaan kelulusan siswa Kelas VI.

Guru-Guru dan Teman-Teman, sungguh tidak terasa waktu berlalu begitu cepat. Sudah enam tahun kami belajar dan menimba ilmu di sekolah ini. Begitu banyak pelajaran dan pengetahuan yang kami dapatkan. Semuanya itu sangat berguna bagi kami.

Kini, akhirnya hari kelulusan itu tiba. Setelah enam tahun kami banyak belajar dari Bapak dan Ibu Guru, saya selaku perwakilan teman-teman Kelas VI mengucapkan terima kasih untuk guru-guru kami tercinta. Semua pelajaran dan nasihat yang kami dapatkan akan selalu kami ingat.

Kami juga menyampaikan permintaan maaf atas semua kesalahan dan kenakalan yang pernah kami perbuat selama kami bersekolah di sini. Kenanglah kami semua sebagai siswa-siswi yang pernah Bapak dan Ibu ajar.

Tidak lupa kami sampaikan juga terima kasih kepada orangtua kami tercinta yang juga hadir pada kesempatan ini. Para orang tua yang selalu memberikan kasih sayang dan dorongannya kepada kami hingga kami dapat lulus dan merayakannya pada hari ini.

Untuk Teman-Teman, semua peristiwa yang kita alami di sekolah ini, senang, sedih, dan bahagia akan selalu mengingatkan kita pada sekolah tercinta ini. Setelah lulus, hendaknya kita selalu terdorong untuk tetap rajin belajar untuk mencapai cita- cita.

akhir kata, saya sebagai perwakilan teman-teman Kelas VI ingin mengucapkan selamat tinggal pada sekolah kami tercinta. Kami akan selalu mengingat sekolah ini. Sekian dari kami Terima kasih.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

With all due respect to the honorable Mr. Principal, to the honorable homeroom teachers and other teachers as well as to my dearest friends.

First of all, lets say our praise and gratitude to the Allah Swt the One and Almighty because of His grace and blessing upon us so that on this good occasion today we can still gather and meet up altogether at this blissful place in the best of our health.

Shalawat and salam may always be upon our adoration and shining model, Prophet Muhammad Saw, upon all of his companions, friends, families, and not forget all of us as his followers, who will insya Allah always be obedient to his teachings.

To all the honorable audience,

Allow me on the behalf of all of my friends to convey a few words and messages regarding this farewell ceremony.

Time flies, it has been 3 years going since our first time to be in this school. Tough, happy, we have experienced and gone through together. And today is the top-end of our days. We will be taking a leave each other and there will be no more togetherness and cohesiveness we will find in the future.

Every single of beautiful story we had here will only be a piece of memories in the future. One day later we will definitely be missing beautiful times like this.

Not forget, we are really thankful to all of the teachers of this school for teaching us the meaning of struggle that finally have brought us to this gateway that leads us to the real life. Without them, we would be nothing. There a lot of things they have taught us, even though sometimes we felt tired, fed up, bored, yet with all of their hearts and patience they stayed teaching and guiding us. To my friends, I wish that this farewell and leaving could somehow tighten our solidarity and I hope this leaving will not be the end of everything.

Go all-out for your goals, My Friends! So that you can get a better living in the future. I wish everything we had in here all this time could be some knowledge that Insya Allah would become all useful and all-to-the good for the sake of people, nation, and religion, and the most important is for our own selves. Aamiin.

I think thats all I could convey to everyone here. Please, forgive me for the more and less and all of mistakes on my words because mistakes come from human while superiorities come from Allah Swt. Thank you for the attention.

Wabilahitaufik walhidayah wassalamualaikum wr.wb

Pidato Perpisahan Sekolah

Marilah kita panjatkan puji dan syukur kehadirat ilahirobbi yang mana pada kesempatan kali ini kita semua dapat berkumpul dalam keadaan sehat walafiat amin ya robbal alamin.

Shalawat dan salam semoga tetap tercurah limpahkan kepada junjungan kita nabi Muhammad SAW, kepada para sahabatnya, keluarganya, dan tak lupa kepada kita selaku umatnya, yang insya Allah akan selalu taat pada ajarannya.

Para hadirin yang saya hormati, ijinkan saya mewakili teman-teman untuk menyampaikan amanat dalam rangka perpisahan ini.

Tidak terasa sudah 3 tahun kita berada disini. Susah, senang, sudah kita alami dan lalui bersama. Dan hari ini adalah puncak yang sebenarnya, kita semua akan berpisah tidak akan ada lagi kebersamaan dan kekompakan yang akan kita temukan di hari esok.

Semua cerita indah disini hanya akan menjadi sepenggal kenangan di masa depan. Suatu hari nanti kita pasti akan merindukan masa-masa indah seperti ini.

Tak lupa juga kami sangat berterima kasih mengajarkan kami arti dari sebuah perjuangan, hingga sampai mengantarkan kita pada gerbang ini untuk menuju pada kehidupan yang sebenarnya. Tanpa beliau, kami bukan apa-apa, banyak hal yang diajarkan pada kami, meski terkadang kami merasa lelah, jenuh, bosan, tapi dengan sabarnya mereka membimbing kami. Mudah-mudahan perpisahan ini bisa menambah erat solidaritas kita dan semoga saja perpisahan ini bukanlah akhir dari segalanya.

Kejarlah cita-citamu teman !! agar dapat meraih kehidupan yang lebih baik dimasa depan. Mudah-mudahan apa yang kita dapatkan disini bisa menjadi ilmu yang insya Allah akan bermanfaat bagi nusa, bangsa, dan agama dan yang terpenting berguna bagi diri kita sendiri. Amien.

Mungkin cukup sekian yang dapat saya sampaikan kurang lebihnya saya mohon maaf, karena kesalahan adalah milik saya dan kelebihan datangnya dari Allah SWT.

Sekian dari saya.

Wabilahitaufik walhidayah wassalamualaikum wr.wb