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Assalamualaikum, wr. wb.

The honorable course lecturers english and all my friends from keperawatan rate of 3.Before I begin to give a speech, I would like to invite you to thank to Allah the Almighty, Who has given us Mercy and Blessing, so we can meet together in this blessing place. And also I don’t forget to deliver sholawat and salam to our prophet Muhammad SAW, Who has brought us from the darkness to the brightness, so we are always in the right way.

Ladies and gentlemen, HIV AIDS, all people here definitely know about that term. HIV AIDS, all people here know how terrible that disease. HIV AIDS, all people here agree that we have to stay away from it. But to day, here and after, I will remind you, I will re-inform you about what HIV AIDS is, what a dangerous disease HIV AIDS is, and how to avoid HIV AIDS. In this gold opportunity, I will give a speech about HIV AIDS.

Ladies and gentlemen, HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a kind of virus that weaken the immune system in people’s body. People who get HIV will be susceptible of illness because their immune system is week. And AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is all symptom and infection which are caused by the broken of immune system of human  as result of HIV. So to make it clear between HIV and AIDS is different. HIV refers to the name of a virus while AIDS refers to the name of a symptom cause by HIV.

HIV AIDS have been already existed long time before it was recognized by WHO in July 5 1981. HIV AIDS also was claimed as the most deadly disease in history of human life. It was proven in 2005, between 2.4 – 3.3 million people were died caused by HIV AIDS, and 570.000 of them were children. HIV AIDS, like I said before, is terrible disease that attack human immune system. It opens other diseases easily attack people because their immune system is week and it will make some serious complication such as lung disease, cancer, nerve and psychological disease, and other infection.

Since the HIV AIDS declared as one of the most deadly disease, the cure to heal HIV AIDS is never be found yet. The only thing that we can do is just to avoid that virus get inside to our body. There are three major gate that HIV can get inside to our body; injected drugs, free sex, and mother to child transmission. If we can say no to injected drugs or doing free sex, we can reduce the chance to get HIV AIDS. keep healthy and keep doing right things will help us to step away form HIV AIDS.

Ladies and gentlemen,Not much that I can say to day, just a few of words above that I can deliver to you at this moment, thank a lot for your attention and I also ask forgiveness for my mistakes. May from this speech will re-open our perspective to HIV AIDS. And may form this worthless information will re-aware you to step away from HIV AIDS. Thank you.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb

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