Naskah Pidato Rosidin 21



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The excelency all of juries

Honourable all of participants of speech contest
And dear brothers and sisters ladies and gantlemen

First of all, lets pray and thank unto our God Allah SWT. who has been
giving us blesses and mercys. So, we can join this speech contest by good
condition and situation. Second of all, peace solutation and safety have been
delivered to our greatest Muhammad SAW. Who has been guiding us from the
dark way to the bright way from wrong way to the right way. From the stupidity
era to the cleverness era over islamic our religion. We really love so much.

All right dear brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen in this occasion I
would like to take a speech by the tittle MODERN EDUCATION.

As we know, that we are as moslems. We have owned two sources of
law, two sources of character and two sources of commandement an even two
sources of all behaviour an action, namely Al- Quran and saying of Muhammad
or Hadist. Both of them, would always have to be obliged as basic of the basic
everything, included modern education. Do you know why dear ! remember that
Holy Quran and saying of Muhammad are sources of all sources of moslem
behaviour, every moslem must walk and run along with Al- Quran and Hadist.

Ladies and Gentlemen

According to Al-quran dan Hadist education has to be able to build up
character and personal of human who is able to be clever. Have owned science
and knowledge experienced an a special skill and even is able to be wiseman. Its
means that all of patention and talent can be developed as well as possible and
as cleep as possible. So, they can be weapons to conguere the world for future
era. Such as, for getting jobs and others. Allah SWT had said in holy Quran at Al-
Baqorah verse 129 letter jumuah verse second :

He is Allah who sent among the unlettered a messenger from themselves,
reciting his verses, purifying their heart and teaching them of the Al-Quran and
Al-Hikmah and veryly they had been before in manifast eror.

Ladies dan Gentlemen

Modern education must able to educate, head, heart, feeling skill and
questions that reflexted to real ability, science and knowledge and good deed.
They are being barometer of modern education. Modern education in this era
has just transfer of learning, transfer of behaviour, transfer and develop skill for
their next role. I think modern education has just the way to transfer or method
of transfer been moved over light technology while the material has been
permanent. So, that we can say its just a dream on this day.

Ladies and Gentlemen
Do you know why I choose education as the tittle of my speech ?
remember that over the education we would get science, knowledge, skill and
experience as deep as possible. And by the science, knowledge, skill and
experience we would have successfully everywhere and whereever. I talk like this
because I have many reason :
1. Science and knowledge is the main key of succeeding here and here after.
The messenger of Allah over said :

(HR. Turmudzi)
Who want to succeed in the world by science and who want to succeed in
here after is by science too and who want to succeed both of them is by
science too.
2. Science is source of a good deed and being a wiseman, because science
would form of preciuos behaviour and honour man in front of Allah,
messengger, human being and animal. The messengger of Allah that
prophet Muhammad SAW had said

Indeed, I have been ordered just to form the praised character.
3. Science, is the main key to gain a popularity money, to get well wealthy
and ever to own prosperity. So, that would be the main icon and the main
idol for young generation.
Ladies and gentlemen
Until here my speech, if I have mistaken, please forgive me.

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