Pidato : Firstly, Lets Say Thanks To Our God Who Has Given

Assalamualaikum wr wb

Firstly, lets say thanks to our God who has given us mercies and blessing so, we can gather in this place in good condition

Secondly, sholawat and salam always be delivered to our prophet Muhammad SAW who has guided as from the darkness to the lightness

In this occasion please allow me to give my speech on the title The Importance of Moral Education

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the age of globalization, we seemed increasingly spoiled by increasingly sophisticated technology. Although we get a lot of ease in living our daily lives, but the easiness that
sometimes even a negative impact on us. Let us briefly look at the life around us is increasingly affected by technological development. Let me give an example of just the internet, this technology is now more easily accessed by anyone either old or young. If we want to think more openly, the actual there are a million benefits we can get from the internet. For example, we can get a lot of information, communication easier, even had a lot of people who become rich because of the internet. Unfortunately, many people who abuse the Internet technology, for example just the rise of pornography, fraud, piracy, and many again. Internet has also become one of the entry gates of foreign cultures are sometimes not in accordance with our culture. We could see our young people who are getting poisoned by western culture which is contrary to the culture of Indonesia as a country east that upholds the norms of decency. We can see that our youth seemed very proud to wear the clothes all minimal actual impolite according to our culture.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Therefore, we have to be very clever filter all things that we can in the current era of globalization. Foreign culture is actually not all bad, but we should be able to sort out which ones are good and which are bad for us.

Thanks for your attention, i hope it can be usefull for us

Wassalamualaikum wr wb