Pidato Buat Aji : Good Morning Everybody.. This Day Seems A

Good morning everybody.. this day seems a good day that we can stand here together to attend flag ceremony. In this occasion, I wont give any comment about this flag ceremony. I believe that the team which have the task today have prepared for this morning and they must be work totally to do the best. Even though there is a mistake, but the success of this event isnt much depend on them, but all of you, have a responsibility to make it a our flag ceremony of Indonesias valued for the hero. Please, give applause to this team!!

Okay, in this time, I have a something to share to all of you. I really hope that all of you will be encouraged. So it is nice if you would cooperate with me. Do you agree to listen to me? The thing that Ill say for 5 minute forward is a different thing with the other teacher had said to you, so if you lose it, you will lose a new thing today

I was inspired after watched a movie that brought by my daughter. Some of you should be familiar with this movie, the title is 3 IDIOTS. If one of you hasnt watched it, you can ask me. Just kidding, ask to another friend. Why Im supposed you to watch that movie? Because it has so many lifes meaning, especially for students. . A student, before Im being a teacher, I was a student. I know how the feeling as a student is. Sometimes feel lazy to study because of many reasons like the lesson that seems hard, the teacher that seems killer and another reason to make you feel right and you say that it is not my fault if I dont like this lesson isnt it? Deep in thought, after saw thats movie, my perception about what learning is changing. Come to school isnt just sit in class, see your teacher, the bell ring, you eat at cafeteria, the bell ring again, you sit in class again, the bell ring again, you go home. For six days in a week you do the same activities in this school. Have you ever think what are the new thing you have studied today?………..every day, you learn a new thing, and that should make you different from the others that didnt enter school. When you are at home, you should have e new knowledge in your brain. If you dont, it is the same like you didn go to school. So, do you go to school just to waste time..? waste money? Better stay at home at all. There is no president whom you want to change but also, there is no future that will you reach. I believe that none of you want to at street and beg to everyone. Instead of it, today I want that all of you will make your study to be an interesting thing.. first, you should have a motivation, a reason to study.. it should come from your heart. Maybe some of you, have parents that hard supposed you to study, maybe you have an intention to be a champion in semester and etc. but maybe some of you also dont have a motivation to study whatever the reason, today I wanna wake up you, to encourage you do interesting thing, it is LEARNING everyone has dream, that should be your motivation to study.. be a teacher, a doctor, a mechanic, an engineer, a pilot, a nurse an old say, where there is a will, there is a way.. dont be afraid to dream your dream.. and do the effort to reach it.. find your interesting, child.. Weather in physics, sport, English, math, Indonesian, nihongo, chemistry.. I belive that all of you have interest in one or some of those subject.. Feel free to study it, Study more about it, join the club.

LEARNING isnt a hardwork, but something to huge your soul dont you want to be a champion in the next semester? A champion in Olympiad.. dont you want to your parent proud of you? Atleast dont you want to be proud of yourself, because you are student with a many knowledges?

Maybe some of you, feeling doubt, feel that you are incompetent. But child, you should know, the capacity of your brain and Ensteins brain is the same. Everyone of you is genius. But one thing that make different is your intention to study. Enstein really love physics, therefore he spent so many times to study physics. As you love your girlfriend or boyfriend, you want to spend many times with her or him. Find what subject that that you love.. as you feel interest in one subject lesson, you do the same in another subject.. just remember, LEARNING IS INTERESTING THING

Next you complain me about the teacher or maybe the lesson that you say it hard.. when you think that a teacher cant teach you, you will see and more, the teacher cant teach you. When you think the lesson is difficult, before you try to do it, the more difficult you find it.. so, when the teacher enter your class, set in your mind, that today the teacher can teach you well, the lesson you can understand very well, and all is well but remember, not only say, but also action if you see something that unclear, be brave to ask it.. be brave to discuss it.. ask another teacher, search in internet.. dont give up until you find the truth..

Ok students, thats all from me start from today, you should build up your motivation to studyits not only for your future, but make study to be interesting thing.. study with your own way find the interesting thing in those lesson and the advantage if you have those knowledge.. ya.. the advantage when you know about it..

Selamat belajar in English is happy study so feel happy when you study.. :D be a great person child, and be the best of yourself. Because this is your life, the choice is in your hand.. what you plant now, youll harvest it later.. and ones again, Happy study :D