Pidato : Ladies And Gentelman Let Us Pray To Allah SWT

Assalamualaikum .Good morning
ladies and gentelman let us pray to Allah SWT Because of his blessing and grace, we can come together here with strengh and health. Lets we pray to our great propet Muhammad SAW
ladies and gentelmen, as the muslim for granted we know the closer our great prophet muhammad SAW. Overaal it was simply to incrase our taqwa to Allah SAW. Let us take heed of this even. And make our live its better.
in the execution Warning Isra Mi’raj Prophet Muhammad, we compiled the following events
first i extend to say thaks to all who attend this even., to seek knowlegde by listening to religious lectue which will soon be delivered by Mr. Azzam
second reading of solawat prophet Muhammad SAW. The third the reading of the story of Prophet Muhammad SAW isra’mi’raj. And the last prayer.

Event after the even we have been trough together. I hope this even get the grace from Allah SWT. Well i say sory if i have a mistake . thaks you wassalamualaikum WR WB