Pidato Bahasa Inggris : SAVE OUR CULTURE


Assalamualaikum wr.wb

Good morning

Ladies and gentlemen, the honorable juries, and my beloved friends.

First, lets say thanks to God, who has given blessing to us, so we can meet together in this place. Let me introduce myself. My name is Laras Puji Astuti from SMA Negeri 1 Seputih Raman. Now, I would like to give my speech under the tittle of Save Our Culture.

           So, I will explain about the meaning of culture. Do you know the meaning of culture? Culture means life method which grow up on the society area which heir by generations to generations. We all know, we have a thousand legacy of culture which has a high precious of art and an ancestral masterpiece such as music, language, traditional dance, and cuisine. Along with the development of time, a passion for preserving culture is fading. Why? because of the advancement of science and technology, the impact of globalization, lack of awareness, there is no love for own nation.

Now that many teenagers are affected by globalization. For example, the teenagers when getting out of bed just looking for handphone for look notification from twitter, facebook and it’s true right? Now, Indonesian teenagers love modern music and they forgot Indonesian traditional music, one by one and step by step. And, Cant you see that? Foreign culture almost changes all about Indonesians life style too, from 3f, Food Fun and Fashion.

Food, many kinds of food outside, a little get rid of the native foods area with modern food like spaghetti, and burgers. Also follow the trend of the clothes. It is like wore tight clothes, hotpants and semi-finished clothes. It is very very not worth for our nation that upholds modesty.  It is ironic, really. But it is a fact, you know. All of us as the next generation of this nation, looks like not care at all. But why it happened?  So, as the young generation, we must play role and take a part to perpetuate it.

In this globalization era, west culture is easy to enter Indonesia, even grow and keep growing very fast. It looks like we feel more confident if we try to imitate the west culture. Another case is our culture confession by Malaysia. They claimed our culture as their for example like reog ponorogo, pendet dance, batik, rasa sayange song, and many more. This is is can be a motivation to us as young generation to more care about Indonesias culture. We cant just blame them who had stole our culture. 

We must save our culture. Where do we have to start? Of course we should start from our own selves. If its not us who love our own cultures then who else would? We must feel proud in showing our self-esteems through our cultures. Start from our selves, our families, and our surroundings.

Culture cant be produce as that easy, moreover in hurry. There are many efforts to perpetuate Indonesias culture, but that efforts arent maximum yet. Besides creativity, promotion factor has a big role too. Promote it into international level with an interesting and unique ideas. So, Indonesias culture has an international confession and difficult to duplicated. Dont ever bored to make a creativity and save Indonesias cultures..

I wish my words can open up our eyes and rise our spirits on to begin loving own cultures. I am proud of my ancestors heritages. I love my mother lands heritages. I love Indonesia. Please forgive me for any mistake on my words.