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Assalamualaikum, Wr. Wb.

Honorable ones, the juries of the speech contest, my teachers and my friends. At this golden opportunity allow me, Sri Rahayu, to stand in front of you all to deliver a brief speech about "The Danger Of Smoking".

My friends

Do you know? In this little tiny thing (a cigarette), there are more than 4000 dangerous substances that will lead the ones who smoke it to death. Some of those evil substances are nicotine, the substance that causes addictive to smoke over and over again. Tar, the substance that causes lung cancer. Carbon Monoxide, the substance that blocks oxygen circulation within blood. And carcinogen, the main actor of all cancer caused by smoking.

Are those 4000 evil substances not enough to make us to stop smoking???

And wait. Those terrible things of smoking are not the worst thing. The super worst thing of smoking is the passive smoker. Yeah, the bad effects of smoking habit are not only monopoly of the ones who smoke only (active smoker) but also those innocent people who inadvertently inhale the smoke of cigarettes. The super worst part is that passive smokers are three time more dangerous that the active smokers . Just remember our beloved ones who don’t smoke, our friend, our family or our children.

Can we stop smoking now??? I beg you.

My beloved friends

Indeed, the habit of smoking is not as easy as we say. It needs great effort and courage. But we can start stop smoking right now by life healthy style. Remember all bad things that we’ll get if we still consuming cigarettes. Remember those innocent of passive smoker who will get the same misfortune if they inhale the poisonous smoke we produce. Remember our children who will be damage to be near with us who still smoke. Just remember all those things. And please stop it. It’s enough. Stop smoking NOW!

Stop it now. Stop it now. Thank you.

Wasaikumsalam, wr. wb.