PIDATO INGGRIS : ,I Would Like To Speak In Front Of You All

,I would like  to speak   in front  of you all  under the title    lets  improve   our Islamic brotherhood to  make   our school  in progress 

As we  know  that our  country ,Indonesia , consist of  many ethnic  groups  and  each ethnic groups  has  different  culture ,has different religion, has different tradition ,  and language  .we  live in heterogent  condition , so we sometimes  find  the  clash .we  sometimes  find disintegration  and  find many  trouble in many sectors  and  factors, so that  we are as  young generation  has  responsible to  make  this  condition always peace full and joy full, dont  make  disintegration , dont  make dissension,  in any  matters ,we  must understand  each other if  we find dissension  we  must tolerate  each other if  we  find  trouble  in all problems !because  we  live in the unity  country, the  peace full  country although we have  many tribes in different  culture and religion , we  must be united in one  nation, one  mother land , and  language  Indonesia , we  must  be united  because  we have  slogan Bhineka tunggal ika ( The unity in diversity ) .

Dear  ladies  and gentlemen

We  are as moslems  have  Islamic  brotherhood,   because  all the  moslems are  brothers, As Allah  said

In the holy quran  :

Innamalmu’minuna ikwatun faashlihu bayna akhowaykum. wattaqullaha la allakum turhamun

Indeed every believer is brother  so you must correct among All !  .and fear to The God  ( Allah ) in order you will get the  Blessing .       

And  it was  said in hadist  : Almuslimuna   walmuslimiina  kal jasadil wahid  faidza sholuhat sholuhal jasadu kullih faidza  fasadat  fasadal jasadi kullih  It    means  every moslems look like  one body if one of our  body is  fine all body will sense fine ,if one  of our body sense destroyed 

All body will sense destroyed too !

So  we are as   moslems  must strengthen our brotherhood , especially as  moslems  student

We  must  be  united , dont  be separated , we  must be united  to improve  our achievement , to reach  our   idol , to  reach our ambition, to  make us  in progress in our future   so  we  must  be united  As one  of the song   :  all the  moslems    be  united , all the  moslems  be  united   , be united  be united be united be united    all of the  world        Can you sing  it   .   Oke  ladies  and gentlemen

We  must be  united please  dont  be separated  ,we  must keep our  unity where ever and  whenever , united  we  stand divided we fall  as the  proverb  said  .

No disintegration , no terrorism , we  must  be  peace .

Dear ladies  and gentlemen

To make the MTI CANDUNG always in progress ,to make the MTI CANDUNG always in victory  and superior we must pray to the God The almighty , Oh the Lord of the world give us the  easy of  our  study !

Oh the Lord of the world give  us the strength to get  the use full knowledge , Oh the Lord of the world give us the guidance to  reach the achievement . Oh the Lord of the world avoid us from badness ,avoid us  from stupidity , avoid us  from laziness ,ALLOHUMA  TAQOBAL MINNA  INNAKA ANGTA SAMIUL ALIM  WATUB ALAINA INNAKA ANGTA  TAWWABURROHIM  RABBANA ATINA  FIDUNYA  HASANAH WA FILAKHIROTI HASANAH  WA QINA ADZABANNAR

Those  are  what I  can deliver to  you   at this  moment ,thank  a lot  for your attention and  I  ask forgiveness  for  my  mistakes , and the  last I  say  : Wabilahi taufik wal Hidayah  Wasalamu alaikum war wb