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Good morning Ladies and gentlemen

First of all, let us Lets Praise and Gratitude to Allah SWT who has given his blessing and guidance so that we are given the opportunity to gather in this place in good health.

Peace and blessing we deliver to our master Prophet Muhammad SAW. In this occasion, I would like to deliver my a speech on the theme of Disaster Prepadness In School.

Indonesia is a country that is commonly attacked natural disasters. some examples of natural disasters that ever hit our country such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, landslides, floods and tornados. in addition, the geographical of Indonesia which is located in the Pacific ring of fire cause the country vulnerable to volcanic eruptions.

Because of that natural disaster, it creates some disadvantages on human population. The result of natural disasters are victims. Many people lost their homes as well as a very deep trauma as a result of natural disasters.

Ladies and gentlemen

Several attempts to reduce losses from natural disasters have been made by the government, such as installing a tsunami detection detector but the effort turned out to be ineffective. It happens because natural disaster preparedness has not become the main subject in the curriculum of Indonesia.

Ladies and gentlemen

Social solidarity can be as the key to building build the nation and promote the country. Without social solidarity, its hard to cope natural disaster, while the state has not been able to solve natural disasters without the participation of the community.

Although we can not prevent natural disasters but if we want to, we can develop social solidarity and support for the victims. students can play a role in enhancing social solidarity through PMR’s extracurricular activities. in this activity, students are expected to build high level humanity toward others within every students.

In addition, students are expected to participate actively in the event of charity on natural disasters, such as through the organization of youth red cross or PMR. PMR with the coordination of the entire board of the school requested assistance to the entire school community that donated money, clothes, and groceries. then those donations are given to the post of a disaster.

My expectation to all friends is sense of social solidarity may not only arise at a time when a major disaster strikes, but also the difficulties of life experienced by the citizens of this country. Whoever we are, whatever our political views, even whatever our religion We have a duty always ready to help each others

Thats all my brief speech. I do appologize if there is a mistake and thank you for your kind attention.