Pidato Bahasa Inggris Pengalaman Dalam A Month Ago, Right In

A month ago, right in January, become one of the most valuable months in my life. At that time, I felt a sense of life that I will never forget.

Failure, well.that’s what I felt, a dream that I expected from a childhood failed because of my selfishness, laziness and lack of discipline in managing time. Moreover, what made me regret of it all was that I didnt obey my parents advices. With that, it seemed to me to get the punishment that made me sad, despair, and endless regret. Until finally I decided to reflect and be alone for a few days, but I’m sure with all this, God wanted to speak to me and lead me to rise.

Time can quickly catch up the world, but we, as a human, will lose with time? Of course not. Finally I smiled again, because with it, I got a life experience that made me more mature in facing the problems in my life. Life would be so wonderful if we could just let it all go and accept a reality that might be difficult to accept.

We have to manage our time in order to achieve success, because every single second in our life is precious. But usually, if success is not achieved, we always blame ourselves and drown in endless remorse, just like what happened to me. But it’s all wrong, despair can not help us to rise. Said that you can do it and will face whatever appears in front of you, make your life always eager, always up in sadness, and achieve success in your life.

As time went by, I started to get up, and believe that whatever happens to my life, how bitter it is, I believe that God has a wonderful and a great plan for my life.