Pidato 17 Agustus Inggris Good ……….. Teacher And

Good .. teacher and friends.

My name is Charina Dewi Wijaya from 9B

Today I want to speak about how we continue our freedom? and thank you to God, for His bless so we can gather here to listen my speech.

Indonesia already has a freedom since 68 years ago. We reached freedom with all of our blood and energy. We reached it with the sacrifice from our heroes. They sacrificed their life to pursue the enemies. We all know their struggle to reach our freedom. So, we are as a Indonesias young generation, what we can doing to keep our freedom?

Nowadays, we can see there are so many bad news from young generation. They wasted their time and their life just for their happiness and fun. They dont think about the bad effect. For the example, there are a lot of young people used drugs just to follow their social life and its just make a lot of bad effect for their body and life.

Actually, we can continue our freedom and thank to our heroes with just one simple action, thats study. If we study hard, we can have a good intelegency and a lot of knowledge. So,not easy for bad people to influence us. We can know if thats bad one or thats a good one. So from now on, we together must study harder than before, so we can continue our heros struggle.

This is the end of my speech. I hope we can more diligent and sorry if I have a mistake.

Thank You.

By : Charina D.W.