Pidato First Of All, Let Us Praise To The Almighty Allah

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

First of all, let us praise to the Almighty Allah SWT, because of His Blessing we are able to attend this English speech contest. Secondly, may peace be upon the prophet Muhammad Saw who has guided us from the darkness era to the brightness era. I would like also to say many thanks to the juries and MC who have given me opportunity to deliver an English speech in front of you all. In this golden opportunity, I would like to deliver a speech about Globalization Era.

Ladies and Gentlemen

As we all know, nowadays our world is in globalization era. We often hear it. However, what is globalization? Globalization is the process of transformation of local or regional phenomena into global or international phenomena. This process includes transformation of economic, technological, socio-cultural and political forces. In other words, every country in this world can influence other countries. Because of globalization, this world which consists of many countries is like a global village. This term refers to the fact that people are considered to live in this planet without borders dan without limitation. People are able to access any kinds of information easily. There is no difficulty to communicate and there is no barrier to interact with other people from all over the world.

Globalization has various aspects which affect the world, such as: in industry, finance, economy, politics, technology, and socio-culture. If our country wants to survive in this globalization era, we must be smart. We should take all of the positive effects of globalization but not the negative ones. For example: we need to adopt and learn high technology from developed country in order to develop our country. On the contrary, we must not imitate bad attitudes or behaviors from other countries like free sex and drugs abuse.

It is a fact that there are many challenges in globalization era. It cannot be denied that globalization is related with a competition and ability to survive. The question is, what should we do in order to face the globalization era? The first one is, build up and strengthen good characters based on the religion. If we are Moslem, the guide of our lives is Islam. Second, we must master technology in order to develop our country. The last, always be ready to face any kinds of change and competition by preparing and upgrading our skills. 

Ladies and Gentlemen

The effect globalization is like two sides of a coin which is never be separated. Globalization not always brings some benefits. The fact, if we are not strong enough to filter the effect of globalization, our local identity will vanish from the world. We as young generation of this country should take this matter seriously. With conserving our traditional cultures and doing good deeds as they was taught by our religion, we can stand still and survive as a country which never lose the local identity because of globalization. Thats all my speech. Hopefully, it will be useful for all of us. Thank you very much for your attention.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Sample Script Self Motivation Speech

Speech Manuscript Title: We Must Mandiri

Assalamualaikum wr.wb.

Dear father of the principal. We respect the father of the guardian class. Dear father and mother is also our teacher. Also colleagues who I love.

First of all we are very grateful to God for the outpouring of the esa His grace given to us, so good on this occasion we can gather, was in this place muwajahah, this happy place.

Colleagues who I love. 

We know that youth are highly volatile period. Easily influenced by many factors, both positive and negative. Usually negatiflah factors more rapidly absorbed by our friends the other. This would reflect badly on the life of the future.

We can see in various media both print and electronic media, as well as in everyday life is. Their behavior is not commendable. This is very regrettable to us that was one generation. They have become pregnant outside marriage, a motorcycle gang involved, there is skipping school to become a drug addict and so forth. So that our generation marred by the vagaries of a handful of the younger generation who are not responsible.

Colleagues who I proud. 

We as young people are given the awareness that seems to always remind each other of the dangers of promiscuity above, the negative association above. Not until we become victims of our own but do not feel that we become victims.

It would have no time again we easily tempted and seduced, not the time again we do not have a position. We must realize that once this life should be utilized properly. Do not let our youth this menyianyiakan who later regret the days of old.

We must have principles in life, we must be independent and able to bring himself so it is not we who are victims of date, not the victims of our environment. but let us be the generation that can actually bring change to society.

As the younger generation, many of the potential that can develop. Many of the potential that we can optimize. Not for anyone but for ourselves. For the good of our future.

My colleagues and I am proud of the audience. 

Lets time we as the younger generation to get out of bed and show the world that we are capable. We have something precious to be reckoned with. We make sure that we are not the generation of waste which usually only be a burden on parents and environmental burden. There are some simple steps we can do from now on: 

First, our hard and diligent study show parents that We also able to achieve best value. 

The second best is not carried away by the influence of our friends are happy others skipped because someday they themselves will feel the consequences. It may be that children will be like them, hard on the set, and against their parents as they do today. This of course we did not expect. 

Third, we are given the cost Whatever it is best to arrange the best with full responsibility and awareness. Never attempt to deceive UNIKO conservative. Because this makes us nerds who are not blessed future. 

Fourth, find friends slang slang and positive place either in school or outside school. Interactions we will establish our character slowly. 

As a student, perhaps these four simple steps we can begin practicing today. We determine our fate in the future. I therefore told his colleagues of all let us take advantage of this youth as well as possible so that our future bright.

So what can I say. We apologize if there is one word.

Sample Text Speech 

To serve Parents 

Assalamualaikum wr. Wb.

Praise be to God that controls the whole universe. Blessing and greetings may still be delegated to a prophet who did not would be no prophet after Prophet Muhammad SAW. , To family and friends entirely.

Dear father of the principal, the honorable father and teacher mother, who I am proud of all associates.

Every human being is certain to have parents. No single human being who was born without parents. We also realize that parents berkuah sweat, day and night smash bone, squeezing the mind, fighting desperately for her child could live like children of others. 

Therefore, allow me now to convey how important it is devoted to parents.

My colleagues and my audience proud.

Wise Alloh which requires every child has to devote to their parents. Even the command to do good to parents in the Koran coupled with a orders to Tawheed as his word, "Thy Lord hath decreed that ye should not worship except Him and that ye do good to your parents well. If any one of them or both of them to go in pemeliharaanmu old, so once again do not say to them saying ah and do not yell at them and speak to them a noble word. And humble yourselves against them both with great pet and say: O God, love them both, as they both have to educate me a little time. "" (Al ISRO’: 23)

My colleagues and the audience that I love.

It would be better if we understand the meaning Important Berbakti On the Status and Parents. Devoted to both parents is one of the noble deeds Salih even mentioned many times in the Quran about the virtue of filial to their parents. Alloh the Exalted says:

"Worship Alloh and do not associate him with anything. And do good to parents-father. "(An Nisa: 36). In this verse commands the worship of two elderly people juxtaposed with the main charity of monotheism, then this indicates that this charity is very key in the Alloh may He be glorified. So great was their dignity is seen through the lens of the shariah. The Prophet put their devotion to jihad fi Sabilillah, Ibn Masud said: "I once asked Rosululloh, Amalan is the most loved Alloh? He replied, in prayer on time, I asked again, Then what?" He replied, filial to parents, he continued. I asked again, then? He said, Jihad in the way Alloh. "(Narrated by al Bukhori no. 5970). So devoted to his supreme position of parents, even on a jihad fi sabililllah, while jihad has a very big priority too. 

My colleagues and my audience mulyakan.

Let no one of our disobedience to parents. Remember that dreadful threat to anyone that disobedience to the people tua.Wahai brother, lawlessness Rosululloh connect to both parents with the Alloh committed shirk. Abi Bakrah in hadith, he said: "Shall I inform you of the greatest sin?" The friend replied, "Sure." Prophet said, "(is) committed shirk, duraka to both parents." (Narrated by al Bukhori)

Making parents crying sebagaa also counted ungodly deeds, their cries mean terkoyaknya heart, by the doings of the childs behavior. Ibn Umar affirmed: "The weeping parents, including a big rebellion." (Narrated by Bukhari, Adabul Mufrod p. 31. See Pedigree Al Ahaadits Ash Shohihah by Al Imam Al-Albani, 2898)

Alloh also asserted in the letter Al ISRO that the word "uh" or "ah" to the parents who have banned let alone more than that. In the same paragraph described the order to do good to parents.

Now we all know what the significance and priority devoted to parents. We think back, how often do we make people angry and crying parents? How often we do not carry out his orders? Indeed there is no obedience to the creature in the Alloh engage in immoral acts, but how our attitudes they even had to reject a good way not haphazard. We hasten to apologize to them, ridho ridho Alloh depends on both parents.

So what can I say. We apologize if there are words that are not acceptable.

Assalamualaikum wr.wb


Assalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb

Ladies and Gentleman

Let us together say thanks and gratitude to Allah SWT who has given the best health for us, so on this beautiful day,  we are still be able to gather in our classrooms.

        Drugs are illegal in the eyes of every religious and illegal in the eyes of the law in this country. By taking drugs to excess and continuously can make addiction and lead the users to be sick, even it can make death.


All of my friends who I love,


       As we know, the drugs can spread rapidly like a plague, not just parents and adults who are victims, but also teenagers, especially those students who are still attending school. As the next generation, we are as senior high school students should be able to keep the distance from the drugs, because this bad stuff can make our concentration, focus on learning and creativity become death.

       Actually, government have show the threat of punishment for traffickers and drug users has been set in legislation, with threats and heavy fines. But there are still many people who do not care about such things. And they still use and traffic drugs freely.

Ladies and Gentleman

          Let us together say "No to Drugs", the best way to keep away from drugs is "Never try drugs". Keep yourself from the environment which is not good to do a variety of activities, as well Invite friends, family and relatives to combat this bad stuff.

I think that’s all can I say. I am sorry if there are a lot of mistakes  during delivering the material and thaks a lot for your nice attention.

Assalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb.

With all due respect to the honorable teacher and all the audience here, ladies and gentlemen Good Morning!!

Lets say thanks to Allah, we cant attend this moment without his mercy.

In this chance, I would like to tell you my speech that has the theme parenting.

As a student, we always see how the moral of the youth is become diminished. And without diminish my respect to all the parent who give all their effort to raise their children, but the fact is this morale decrease problem were start from home.

The parent have no time anymore to introduced their children about wisdom, faith, religion, manners and character even personality. They are to busy with their job until forget the fact that the first lesson should be coming from home and this kind lesson is the first based for children when they are grow up. More over, they try to substitute the time they cant spend with their children with luxurious facility, without they realize it will build materialism moral.

So what we as student hope now from the parent role for us?

Well, audience, I am sure all of us actually have the same dream, we all hoping to find the friendly side of our parent. They can give their time to give many wisdom lesson for us. What the appropriate attitude we have to and how to have a good youth personality. And for the last we also hoping to find our parent will give their time to guide our growth until we are mature.

Well, I guess thats all I can tell. In the end, I am asking for apologize for all my words may offended. And with all my thanksfull I will end my speech today.

Assalamualaikum.Wr. Wb

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb

First of all lets pray and thanks unto our God who has given us mercies and blessings. So we can attend in this program without any trouble and obstacles. There is also a prayer for our parents as well as the father’s mother and teachers who educate, develop, and provide us all with the knowledge that it is so much.

All of my friends whom I love

Every human being must have had parents. No one man who was born without parents. We also realize that our parents have struggled, both day and night, squeeze mind, hardest to fight so that all children can live well. In this short time, allow me to convey how very important filial to parents. Devoted to both parents is one of the very noble deeds even Allah has mentioned in the Quran about the virtues of filial to parents. In the word of God, we are ordered to devote to two parents and juxtaposed with the most important practice in Islam. This indicates that the charity is a very major one in the sight of Allah SWT. The magnitude of the dignity of both parents is seen through the eyes of the law. As their soon, we have to obey the instruction of our parent. And be sure that because of our kindness to our parents, we will get a good result for the next.

All of my friends whom I love

Creating a sad in terms of both parents then it already counted as one act of disobedience. Their cries are as well as heart rending by the behavior of the child. Now we are together already know the importance and virtue of filial to parents. We remember how often we make them angry and crying parents. How often we do not carry out any orders? Indeed there is no obedience to the creature its name in terms of adulterous to God, but how we to deny are that too should be a good way not haphazard. For that we have to apologize to both of them, we need to remember again that Allah’s approval of parents is also the pleasure of Allah is Allah’s approval of parents, both parents wrath of Allah SWT.

As human being, I realize that I cant avoid the mistakes, so I apologize to you all. And I dont forget to say thanks so much for your nice attention.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb

Devotion to Parents

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

All the praise be to Allah the Lord of the universe. Blessing and peace may everlastingly be upon a prophet with no prophet after him, Prophet Muhammad Saw, and upon all of his families and companions.

Everyone has parents. There is no single person who was born into the world without parents. We all realize that our parents are always covered with sweats, day and night to work hard physically and mentally with everything on their power to strive for their children so that they could live like other children do. Therefore, on this time, allow me to convey about how important to devote to our parents.

To all the priding companions and audience,

Allah the Wise had compulsorily obliged every child to devote to his/her parents. Even the order to do good deeds to parents in Al Quran came along with the order to acknowledge Allahs oneness just like was decreed on Al Quran, And your Lord has commanded you not to worship anyone other than Allah and treat the parents with benevolence. If either or both of them attain to old age in your presence, then do not say even Ugh! to them nor reproach them. And always speak to both of them submissively, observing polite manners. (Al Isra: 23), And always lower your arms of submissiveness and humility out of soft-heartedness for both of them and keep supplicating (Allah): O my Lord, have mercy on both of them as they brought me up in (my) childhood (with mercy and clemency) (Al Isra: 24).

To all the dearest companions and audience,

And it also had been stated in Al Quran about the superiority in devotion to parents. And Allah Taala said:

And worship Allah and do not set up any partners with Him. And treat the parents with moral excellence. (An Nisa: 36). In this verse, the order to devote to parents came along with the most prominent deed, namely acknowledging the oneness of Allah, then it shows that this deed is the most prominent deed on the eyes of Allah Azza wa Jalla. The greatness of parents dignity is seen by the view of Syariat (Islamic law). The Prophet considered the devotion to parents as the most important thing over Jihad fisabilillah (engage in struggle to defend the religion of Allah for His cause). Ibnu Masud said: I asked the Prophet (PBUH) Which deed is loved most by Allah? He replied, To offer prayers at their early (very first) stated times., I asked, What is the next (in goodness)? The Prophet (PBUH) said, To be good and dutiful to ones parents, I asked, What is the next (in goodness)? The Prophet (PBUH) said, To participate in Jihad for Allahs Cause. (Sahih al-Bukhari 5970).

The hadith shows the greatness in devoting to parents; it even prevails over Jihad fi sabilillah while Jihad actually has a great superiority as well.

To the ennobled companions and audience,

Make your parents cry counts as one of insubordinate deeds. Their tears mean their heart is broken by the deeds of their children. Ibnu Umar emphasized: Tears of parents is a great insubordination. (Shahih Al Bukhari, Adabul Mufrod page 31. See the tree of S Al Ahaadits Ash Shohihah by Al Imam Al Albani, 2.898)

And Allah emphasizes in Surah Al Isra that word ugh or Ah to parents is forbidden, especially those which are more than that. In the verse is also explained to have good deeds to parents. Now we all have known what the importance and superiority of devoting to parents. Therefore, lets immediately say your apology to our both parents, because the pleasure of Allah depends on the pleasure of both parents.

Thats all I can say. I say my deep apology for all my words.

Wassalamualaikum wr.wb

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb

Respectable all of teacher

Honourable all of my friends

On this occasion, by celebrating of Kartinis Day, let us together giving thanks for the gift of health and opportunity given by Allah swt. So we can gather together to interpret the meaning of Kartinis Day.

As we know, she is a familiar name to the people of Indonesia. Kartini’s word reminds us the figure of a woman who struggled for the sake of enhancing the dignity. Raden Ajeng Kartini was crowned as a pioneer of women’s emancipation movement in Indonesia. This term of emancipation it comes from a movement in Western countries previously. Women feel that they have been put low and became the second class citizens. It lead to accumulate of customer dissatisfaction with the women and what came to be called the struggle for equality of emancipation

Understanding or definition of women emancipation itself literally is the equality of rights and gender. The women emancipation could be interpreted as an attempt to create equality of women’s rights against the rights of men in all areas of life. The women emancipation aimed at giving women the opportunity to work, learn and work just like the men, balanced with her ability.

Every woman would not want to feel and experience failure in preclude. Therefore, as ladies, let us together reach for dreams and careers as high as possible without having to forget our natural women.  I have said just now at the expense of her nature as a woman is a woman’s most eternal landslide. Prior, mother wants to reach for PKK as high as possible that cannot be forgetting his origin as a woman who has a husband and son. They need it far more as woman career forget the obligations which she was supposed to speak first.

Voiced by Kartini’s emancipation, it demands that women were gaining an adequate education. Raising the level of women are less valued in the Javanese community and freedom of speech.

Thus in commemorating the Kartini day April 21, which we expect of course Kartini’s spirit and pioneer of gender equality became a role model for women in Indonesia. But we should remember that in the fight for gender equality did not forget her nature as a woman.

Thats all my speech, may what I have delivered be useful in our life. If you found many mistakes in my speech please forgive me.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb

Respectable the jury of speech contest High school level

All of my friends whom i respect

First of all, let’s thank Allah the Al Mighty who has been giving us mercy and blessing so we can attend this meeting without any obstacles in this great occasion.

Loving the homeland is the nation’s moral values that are increasingly depleting. The existence of free markets and foreign culture enter freely becoming one of the causes of fading a sense of love of the motherland. In fact, in the modern era, it is to hard find a teenager who respects the ideology of the country, even those who are living abroad and even ashamed of admitting it.

The audience, who I respect, loving the homeland is not easy. This love must be presented inside each one of us. For example, if we have young children at home, we tell about the history of the nation in spare time for children. In addition, we could also invite children to listen to songs nationwide. We can learn diligently as a manifestation of our efforts to be the next generation of nation. In addition, we can also always use the Indonesian as our local languages when communicating. 

The audience who I respect, Loving the homeland as well we can do by caring and respecting the symbol-a symbol of the country, such as the red-white flag and coat arms of Garuda. They should be proud if they use red-white flag as their uniform in their behavior. Furthermore, we also have to love domestic products. Although currently a lot of imported goods coming into Indonesia, trust the quality that we have to such items. It is not much different from the products made in the country.

Happy audience

Carry out the ceremony every Monday we also should not leave. All of that are in existence from flavor of love that we can do. By an awful lot of symbol of the State that we can survive, such as tribute to the red-white flag, sing the national anthem Indonesia Raya, sing national songs, and discipline.

In addition, the existence of love the homeland should keep well. We can do with the small everyday actions such as maintaining the cleanliness of the environment around us. By keeping the environment around, we have embodied the sovereignty of our country in love with.

As human being, I realize that I cant avoid the mistakes, so I apologize to you all. And I dont forget to say thanks so much for your nice attention.

Wassalamu’alakum Wr. Wb.

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb

Respectable all of teachers

Honorable all of parents and all friends of this school

First of all lets pray and thanks unto our God who has given us mercies and blessings. So we can attend in this program without any trouble and obstacles.

We are the candidates who could be successful in the future. This is the hope of all of us as students, parents and teachers in all schools. You become a successful person if it is a pride for us. The first step to make you a success is having a dream. Make great dreaming and keep it stays upright while hurricane crashing though a hurricane struck. Dream keeps flying on space with dashing like the red-white flag.

If we haven’t had a dream then now is the time. Specify the dreams of us from now on. Deduce the dream for us with true and correct. Let the dream enslave us to make come true. Be aware the kids that dream sign someone’s life and have hope. His life will be excited and far removed from any disease and stress.

We are great people stories. Then there we will find their success, our success named perceptible in all time history is the beginning of a dream. Look at the Prophet Muhammad, Marcopolo, Leonardo Davinci, Isaac Newton, and hundreds of other great people. They start from a dream.

Therefore at this time, let build dreams of you. What we want in life, it is the time to dream. Your guys are in the golden age. Don’t waste the time for your guys.

There are a few tips to be a successful person in reaching goals among us;

1. Become a sturdy that can pass through a variety of obstacles.

2. Add insights/knowledge

3. A person who never give up.

4. Learn to be a better person.

5. Receive foolish gracefully.

6. Always think positive.

7. Always pray to Almighty God

The father/mother, all teachers and friends who I respect

Hopefully, i hope it can be realized. Thats all my speech, may what I have delivered be useful in our life. If you found many mistakes in my speech please forgive me.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb

First of all, lets pray and thank unto our god Allah who has been giving us some mercies and blessings so we can attend and gather in this place in good condition and happy situation.

Science has an important role in this journey of life. With someone would be steadier in the exercise of worship to God Almighty, know the actual purpose and essence. However, in contrast to someone who is blind would be the science of religion, then everything you do will not know the basics and real purpose. It is not to impinge on the Muslims and we should realize every Muslim  has a duty to study.

Seek the knowledge and you must get priority on every Muslim. People learned and then know the road that will be traveled. People crave a happy life in the world and it must have knowledge. People who crave happiness the world hereafter shall have science anyway. Therefore be not to feel tired to study, and anywhere we have to keep looking though the country of China, as a similar.

All attendees who are blessed

Many ways is carried out  to look for knowledge. Some seek knowledge by listening to Religious and some are looking for science through reading books. Also some seek knowledge through schools, and many more seek trough science resource. But keep in mind that it is known and seeking the most dominant is to start children of school age. Because with a great opportunity, the children of early age still have a strong catching power. The science is really as capital material on the life of the days to come. Science has accepted the children start early with a serious manner. It will be marked and remembered constantly. So the importance of the study started early, meaning they can really reach a golden opportunity. As with science, then it could support the full of life now and tomorrow and in the next future.

All attendees who are blessed,

Once we find the science seriously, do not forget to practice. The learned are obligated to practice the science not hidden. When someone has a science and then hidden, then the threat will be received. So the short blurb that we pass, with hopeful we have servants including religious studies. We want to apply in everyday life so happy world of the afterlife.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb

Respectable all of the teacher

All my friends that I care about

First of all, lets pray and thanks unto our god ALLAH SWT who has been giving us some mercies and blessings so we can attend and gather in this place in good condition and happy situation.

Peace and salutation always pass to the Prophet Muhammad, his family, his friends, and his followers may we be reunited on the surge by him.

Happy audience

On this great day, let me represent gave a speech in this farewell in order to deliver a range of impression and message us during our dear school. Do not forget I thank all our committee that has been trying hard in preparing for this event. Every beginning must have ending and so does each meeting surely there is farewell. We studied in this school. So many things we have gone through with either love or grief. 

It is to heavy for us to leave the school and leave all of the large family of this school. However, we cannot do anything. We still have to continue this struggle. Therefore, we all ask for prayer and blessing of teachers so that we can be successful in the future and benefit the parents, religion, and of course our nation. It is time for us to leave this school. I represent the whole child class XII will deliver messages to you.

For teachers,

Forgive us for all our behavior during this troublesome. Although we are no longer located near you, we will always remember all the advice and guidance the Mr/Mrs. of all teachers.

For the friends, especially those of class XII

This ending is not the end for us but this is a start of our struggle to success. Keep learning and take all our dreams and let us keep the good name of the school. Lets ruin it with actions that do not deserve to do.

For younger sister of our class,

Now you will keep this school. Keep learning, make teachers and parents proud. And also adhere to all advice of Mr. and Mrs. Teacher because it is a good thing.

We hope May we all be successful. I was there as a representative of the students of class XII again saying many thanks. I hope that the other time we could get together again. If there are mistakes and shortcomings in this speech, I apologize. Thank you for your attention.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb

First of all lets pray and thanks unto our God who has given us mercies and blessings. So we can attend in this program without any trouble and obstacles.

On this occasion, I will explain and identify the benefits and importance of the Internet for education in the world and its benefits for students. Education World provides many advantages to support the smooth process of teaching and learning, and has many benefits for students.

The term of Internet is combination of computer networks in a wide scale and larger. Each user of the computer can communicate each other with other people just by using a language network. At this time, the internet has become very important technology for a variety of aspects. Both aspects of education, it includes cultural aspects, economic aspects, social aspects and more. There are aspects for education. The internet is perceived benefits both for the institution to educators and to the protege.

Here are the benefits of the internet for education. There 3 advantages:

1. Educational institutions

For educational institutions, internet has some following advantages, such as :

– To introduce the people about the mother institution with institutes by making the internet.

– To save time and cost in the recruitment of new employees.

– Make it easier to attract students and new students.

2. Educators

For all educators or lecturers, internet has some following advantages, such as :

– To search for teaching material and the materials will be given to students.

– To seek access to information sources.

– Internet in the set as a means to discuss with students so that the knowledge of students is increasingly widespread.

– To facilitate the protgs in collecting duties given.

3. Student

And for all students, internet may be very useful, such as :

– The Internet can be used to affect the increases motivation and strengthen instruction and improve environmental psychology at protg.

– To stimulate and motivate students in developing intellectual property so that it can develop the research and development of theoretical and apply good science.

– As a medium of information exchange with experts questioning or made using the Internet.

– To save time in doing tasks and research in command.

– Science and technology development process is faster because the results of his research in universities and research institutions can be used together.

The Internet is expected to help accelerate the development of education. The more advanced the education is, hopefully it can provide benefits.

Finally, as human being, I realize that I cant avoid the mistakes, so I apologize to you all. And I dont forget to say thanks so much for your nice attention.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb

Ladies and gentlemen…This will be a short speech about education. Your education. The bottom line is that you must take responsibility for it.

Many of you already know that you have to take charge of your hair and your clothes. Perhaps you know that all too well. Youre also figuring out that you have to take charge of your diet and exercise, of trying to look good and feel good. And youre figuring out you have to make some tough choices about how you spend your time and whom you spend it with. But some of you may not have figured out the education part. One reason is that there tends to be an adversarial relationship between schools and students. The tendency is to resist what adults want, to say, dont bother me with that serious stuff now. Ill worry about that in a few years.

My suggestion is to start worrying today. Now!

The main thing you might not have figured out is that a lot of people dont give a damn whether you become educated or not. Some of these people run the schools you go to. Some of you cant read well, and I guarantee that is the fault of the school. Some of you cant multiply and divide, and I guarantee that is the fault of the school. Some of you dont know where the Pilgrims came from, which direction they went in, or where they landed when they got there. Some of you dont know the names of the oceans, the freezing point of water, or what 8 times 8 is. And I guarantee that all this is the fault of the school. Some of you dont know the most basic things that any second-grader can understand and learn. Why dont you know these things? I guarantee its the fault of the school.

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See what youre up against??

When we study American schools, we see a lot of make-believe, of keeping kids busy and making it appear that they are being educated. They are not. Youre not. Schools used to push students toward excellence. Now theyll let you drop like a stone toward mediocrity, if you let them.

I think its fair to say that American education has been warped by ideology and politics. Whats that mean? Some people are all too willing to dumb you down so they can keep you in your place. Say no! Say to hell with you, buddy–I want to know more. I want to be educated. I want to be able to make intelligent choices. I want to be a good voter. I want to succeed if I go on to college. I want to be a smart educated parent when the time comes. I want to be able to help make this a better country.

So, as I say, take control of your education. Learn what you have to learn; and keep right on going. Any time you see a word you dont know, look it up. Any time you see a name or a subject you havent heard about, run to the nearest encyclopedia or search the web. Try to read at least one magazine cover to cover every week. Read a book a month. Go on offense. Take a look at the subjects you know and plan how you can extend that knowledge. Consider the subjects you know little about and figure the easiest way to move toward learning more. Take charge.

Has this little pep talk been gloomy? Thats because I find myself worrying about education stats. Did you know that this country has 50 million functional illiterates; that SAT scores are dropping; that our A students cant compete against the A students from other countries; that Jay Leno goes out on the street and finds apparently ordinary citizens who dont know which way is north?…I just want to impress on you that in education, much more than you might realize, you are on your own. If you dont do it, it may not happen.

Thomas Jefferson said we cant be ignorant and free at the same time. Ignorance is a kind of slavery. That has always been true. Whats new is the number of people who might be pushing you in the wrong direction.

I hope youll push back with all your strength.

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb

First of all lets pray and thanks unto our God who has given us mercies and blessings. So we can attend in this program without any trouble and obstacles.

Ladies and gentlemen

In this good opportunity, I stand here to deliver a speech entitled "bullying".

Ladies and gentlemen

Bullying? What is this? I am sure everyone knows already. Bullying comes from the meaning of the word intimidate to bully and oppress the weak, and annoying.

What are the causes of bullying-? It can be such as people feel strong, powerful, rich, and have everything.  It happens coincidentally, he saw the weakness of others.

Well, we go to the next topic. The second topic, how can we prevent bullying among teenagers Indonesia? Have you ever seen a student fights? Yes! Student fights is a form of bullying others.

How to deal with bullying activity? There are two ways:

1. Follow up religious activities in school!

Religious activities are useful for moral improvement because activities learn many things from God. It means the activity approach God. We do instructs the Lord, and always remember God. It means that we are far from God. God is always in control of our lives. Please keep all the rule of God that we are safe from harm.

2. Follow-up to co-curricular activities in the school, such as checks on the spot, and Scout.

Extra-curricular activities prevent the bullying activities. It can also provide many benefits for us, an example of the field organization. We should have a positive activity. Activities that are positive and we are busy. We were not thinking negative stuff. We can live in is a good goal.

3. Avoid negative activities, choosing good friends. Because of that, we can beat bullying activities.

You do not have the negative thinking of activities. Please select a good friend. In our life has a great influence on our business every day. If you have a friend that has an error, you’re one of them. Be careful in choosing friends in modern era.

Well, ladies and gentlemen.

I think bullying activities could occur because the school is concerned only with the learning activities, but lack any moral lessons. This spirit is very important for today. Since many students, moral decline is currently. Therefore, put yourself together and invite our friends avoiding bullying activities. Because such acts only harm us, influence our time in learning, and many others were injured.

Thank you for your attention. Thats all my speech. I do hope my speech will be useful in our life.]

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb

First of all, lets pray and thank unto our god Allah who has been giving us some mercies and blessings so we can attend and gather in this place in good condition and happy situation.

Today is world smoke-free day. I hope everyone who attended here have a good grasp about how dangerous smoking effects to the health.

Talking about the dangers of smoking In our country, the rule of law for the regulation of cigarettes or smoking prohibitions like information about infertility and impotence only seem to be the words of sweetener. If we look at other countries regarded as free Nations such as United States, it has been enforcing the rule of law for smoking and heavy sanctions.

A ban on smoking in public places like the area around the Office, shopping and others, has been put in place. Business restaurant or bar that do not follow these new rules will be fined by US $ 2,000 that not a bit of the fine. We should learn from them if we remember how dangerous smoking to our health.

Dear teachers and friends,

The first factor of smoking is a bad habit and containing toxins. We must not consume smoking because it is not good for health. I’m sure you know that there are many substances in cigarette that is dangerous. For example, nicotine is the substance. Substances are extremely dangerous and can cause a variety of ailments. Not only harmful to smoker, it is also dangerous for us if we close to the smoker. So if there is a smoker near you. Talk to him to turn off his/her Smoking a moment well offensively.

My friends

Next, I will talk about the second factor. Smoking causes many diseases such as cancer, disorders of pregnancy, fetal abnormalities, and etc. One factor that a lot of people died in Indonesia is being smoked. The majority are students. Many students who died because of smoking and drugs are very disappointed! One of the youths died in the wrong way.

The habit of smoking also produces the effect of a bad behavior for smokers. So, there are many negative effects of Smoking. Smoking is not a positive event for the young generation. From now, let us say Students stop smoking.

Thats all my speech, may what I have delivered be useful in our life. If you found many mistakes in my speech please forgive me.

Wassalamualaikum Wr.Wb

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb.

Good morning for all of the audiences

First of all, let’s thanks Allah the Al Mighty who has been giving us mercy and blessing so we can attend this meeting without any obstacles in this great occasion.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to deliver my speech in this morning.

The addictive drug is a kind of drug, which is often misused and cause many problems on one’s nerves. Drug abuse can result in nerve damage, resulting in addiction and dependence. The use of drugs does not fit the current rules a lot going on in the community.

When a drug is used, the effects will be retrieved by the user. First, the drug is able to provide peace to the wearer and make them unconscious. When used in excess, then the drug could result in death. Later, the drug can also cause stimulation and passion toward the user.

The Ladies and Gentlemen

Drugs are not only used by the adults, but its abuse was committed by teen years old. In Indonesia, we often see an awful lot of kids who use drugs. Of course, the use of addictive substances provides a broad and thorough impact for them. They will experience a change in behavior, decreasing the quality of work, potentially causing crime and getting the health disorders cause death.

As teachers and parents, we should prevent any drug abuse. We can make a variety of programs and activities such as playing music, exercising, making the clubs studied, and various social activities. In essence, we make a wide range of activities that aim to distract the students.

All students as the young generation in particular

This is a very serious problem for us. A generation of this nation will be lost if we do not take action together and soon. In short, we must be willing to go to against illicit drugs, and war must start from within.

So, what can we do as a young generation? Prevention is better than cure. Avoid drugs because once you try it, you will be stuck and then became addicted. You will eventually be turned into criminals or take your life. We have so many examples around us, what happens to the user. They are all loose on their future. I think we do not want such things to happen to ourselves.

Let us do the above efforts consistently and never give up. I am sure that we could eradicate drugs in Indonesia.

Thats all my speech. I do hope my speech will be useful in our life.

Wassalamualaikum. Wr. Wb.