Pidato Illegal Drugs Aren’t Good For Anyone, But They Are

Assalamu Alaikum Wr. Wb

First of all I would like to say thank you to the teacher and all my friend who has given mee nice opportunity speech on this day, about illegal Drugs can damage important organs

Illegal drugs aren’t good for anyone, but they are particularly bad for

a kid or teen whose body is still growing. Illegal drugs can damage the

brain, heart, and other important organs. Cocaine , for instance, can

cause a heart attack even in a kid or teen.

While using drugs, a person is also less able to do well in school,

sports, and other activities. It’s often harder to think clearly and

make good decisions. People can do dumb or dangerous things that could

hurt themselves or other people when they use drugs.

Why Do People Use Illegal Drugs?

Sometimes kids and teens try drugs to fit in with a group of friends.

Or they might be curious or just bored. A person may use illegal drugs

for many reasons, but often because they help the person escape from

reality for a while. If a person is sad or upset, a drug can

temporarily make the person feel better or forget about problems. But

this escape lasts only until the drug wears off.

Drugs don’t solve problems, of course. And using drugs often causes

other problems on top of the problems the person had in the first

place. A person who uses drugs can become dependent on them, or

addicted. This means that the person’s body becomes so accustomed to

having this drug that he or she can’t function well without it.

Once a person is addicted, it’s very hard to stop taking drugs.

Stopping can cause withdrawal symptoms, such as vomiting (throwing up),

sweating, and tremors (shaking). These sick feelings continue until the

person’s body gets adjusted to being drug free again.

thank You very much for Listening my speech , about illegal Drugs can damage important organs……. May GOD always be with You all.

I think that all . Thank You.

Wabillahi taufik wal hidayah

Assalamu Alaikum Wr. Wb