Pidato A Public Speech For English Carnival Thank You

Thank you Madam/mister chairperson. A very good morning to our judges, teachers and to all my friends on the floor. Ah, if I were a king! I am a poor child, born in a mid­dle-class family. My life may look the same, because everyday I am doing the same chores, such as reading, writing, going to school, going to Religious school in the afternoon and playing with my friends, brothers and sisters. I feel that my life is simple, but I cannot say that I am unhappy. I still have my parents, siblings and friends around me. I still have a shelter I call home.

But if I were born a princess in a royal family, my life­style would have been completely different from what I am today in this small village, lying in an old wooden house under the thatched roof with my poor parents and siblings.

In a royal family, I would have many servants, always busy to look after my comforts. They were on their toes, just to listen to my orders and comply with my wishes.

And when I would grow up, I would ascend the throne and become a king. As a good king, I would be required to shoulder many responsibilities. I would try to become an ideal ruler. I would have levied taxes according to the finan­cial capacity of my subjects, and not beyond their means.

As a tax-collector, it would be my duty to look after their safety and protection. After keeping a reasonable portion of the total taxes for the expenditures of administration, I would have spent the remaining part for the welfare of my subjects, by way of building new roads, bridges, schools and colleges, hospitals and similar other charitable institutions which would be used by my subjects.

As a king, I would have no desire to expand my king­dom, and hence would not go for a war with any other coun­try. I would try to maintain good relation with my neighbour­ing countries. And if necessary, I would sign a treaty of peace for the better existence of all of us. As an ideal king, I would do anything that is necessary for the welfare of my kingdom.

But at the moment, I feel that it is better not to become a king who has to shoulder so many responsibilities and per­form so many important duties in honour of the crown. So I think, it is better to remain as I am here in a poor family with my loving parents, brothers, and sisters, and also the affec­tionate teachers of my school, and lead a simple life among the simple and common folk around me.