Pidato Alhamdulillah Rabbil Alamin. Wasshalatu Wasssalamu

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb

Alhamdulillah Rabbil Alamin. Wasshalatu wasssalamu ala asyrafil Anbiya wal Mursalin wa ala alihi wa shahbihi ajmain. Amma badu…

The Honorable Comitte

The Honorable Adjudicators

Dear my friends who join in this speech contest

And my beloved teacher .

First of all, let us say our praise and gratitude to Allah S.W.T who has given us mercy and blessing, so we can attend this speech contest.

Secondly, may peace be upon the prophet Muhammad Saw who has guided us from darkness into the brightness as well as in the next world.

Before I present my speech, Ill never forget to thank my beloved teacher who has given me opportunity and spirit to deliver my speech in front of you all.

My name is Rafly Nur Alamsyah who representative Junior High School 1 Ciamis will deliver my speech about THE NEW YEAR OF ISLAM

Dear Brothers and sisters who honored by Allah

Every nation has its own year to be proud of. Every new year is always celebrated happily with many kinds of big celebrations. Each religion also has its own years to be used as adirection in religion related life. And in this case the moeslem have the year of hijriyah.

This year come under the reign of Umar Bin Khattab. Someday , Umar saw the problem of administration in Islamic areas. Correspondences between the capital had some trouble because there was no reference dates. So Umar and his friends made system dates for Islamic areas.

The name of Islamic years is Hijriyah because Umar made system calendar from the emigration of our prophet Muhammad S.A.W from Makkah to Madinah, known as Hijrah.

Ladies And Gentlemen

How we celebrate the new year of Hijriyah? With Fireworks? Party? Or rang the trumpeter? Of course not!. We have to celebrate this new year with love and trust to Allah S.W.T

The new year of hijriyah, we should be thankful to Allah S.W.T, who has given us life until now. In this new year we have to be better than before as a student and as a human. If last year we always being lazy to do something, never trying hard, ungrateful and have many bad habits, in this year we have to be better, we must not lazy,we must do the best for correcting ourselves.

Do you know why we have to be better? because this world is not the real world, we know that every human in this world will facing the death. But many people not feel that they will die, and if we die, we just bring our rewards from our good deeds. And it means that we have to get rewards from Allah as much as we can from our good deeds like praying, reads Al-quran, fasting, and everything that ordered by Allah S.W.T

Allah decreed in Al-Quran , Al Hasyr part 18.

People who believe! Observe your duty to Allah. And let every person consider what he has done before for the morrow. And observe your duty to Allah. Allah is Informed of what you do.

On that word, we must afraid to Allah S.W.T , we have to do his orders and avoid his prohibitions and we should correct ourselves what we have done to face the future.

Brothers And Sisters

If we want to be better than before, we always get some trouble. For example if we want to study, we cant do it because lazy come to us. Than how we overcome this problem?

First, Learn something from Al-Quran. Al Quran make us be a good person and know the meaning and purpose of life.

Second, we need to make friends with positive people either at school or outside. Many people said that friends are a reflection of our attitude. And its true.

Third, we need to defend ourselves from bad effects brought by our friends or the others.

Fourth, we need to manage our responsibility. This will make us blessed for everything we do in the future.

Last, Change our mindset to be better. For example, if we lazy to learn, we have to think, we must not lazy to learn because , learning is the important thing for our future.

There are something we have to do to be better. Let us make this new year with positive things not with bad things.

Like a hadith narrated by Imam Ahmad, which means :

"The best human is the with long age and have a good deeds, and the worst human is they with long age and also have bad habits"

On that word,From now lets do the good thing, so we can be a good person than before.

Ladies And Gentlemen

Im at the end of my speech, I do apologize if there any mistake. I hope my speech is useful for us. And Happy new year 1437 H !

Thank you for your attention

Uushikum Wanafsii Bitaqwalloohi Wassalamualakum Wr. Wb