Pidato Graduation Speech First Of All, Let Us Pray Gratitude

First of all, let us pray gratitude for Allah God Almighty for His blessings on this day we can gather in this farewell event. Also, Praise and greeting for the great Prophet Muhammad.

Ladies and Gentlemen, today allow me to represent all students to convey a word in this farewell event.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The time has passed and it is our time to continue our journey to reach success. Do not feel the time has pass until this day we headed for the gate to continue our ideals, and will step into a new life journey in future. Many things which we have gone along with classmates, juniors, and also the teachers who teaching.

We know that our impression at this school is not always fun, there are times when we do things that are less pleasing to friends especially teacher.

My dear friends,

Indeed it was tough to part with you all. Because we have been together for 3 years. has a lot of things that have been passed in this school together, friendship with friends, learn together, play together. Of course it creates unforgettable memories.

The ladies and gentlemen,

As the proverb says "in each meeting there must be separation" was the same as when we entered this school together and learn, studying knowledge and share experience in this school and finally we also leave this school. We always remember all we’ve been through this school.

Besides that we also do a lot of mistakes, but the teachers you ceaselessly taught us toward a more correct patiently educate us even though we rarely understand various fields of subjects. With it we say a thousand words "thank you" as much as possible for our teachers and coaches at this school.

My friends that I love

We will continue school to a higher level and hopefully this separation becomes fond memories never forgotten. My final words to thank for the opportunity to represent my class mates IX or less I apologize.

wassalammualaikum wr.wb