Pidato Ini Adalah Bahasaa Inggris Tentang

Name: Leonardo Diogo

No: 16

Class: XI IPA 1

School Eviroment

Lets save enviroment and then the enviroment save us

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb

Thank to God for giving the health and time to share a knowledge on this day,

Ladies and Gentelman,

the environment around of us should be able to reflect our culture that always showing comfortablelity. That will be embarrassing if the environment around us looks unsightly. Especialy, school that always became our honorable places to study.

The school environment should always look clean, comfortable, and reassuring, so that when we learn better, and we are not disturbing by trash. So, I am a part of this school really wants to keep cleanliness of the school environment. Each class should already have their own discipline about the importance of hygiene. Any student who has a picket schedule, should always arrive early, so when the class started, the classroom environment looked clean and feels comfortable to use.

Ladies and gentelman,

Dont forget, all of as should be reliazed that the trash can is not without purpose. The availability of trash cans always have a reason, that is to make us keep the enviroment always clean, so the school not look like a football field that has been used as a concert, there was a lot of trash

Finally, as taught by religion that cleanliness is part of faith, cleanliness is not just a physical, but spiritual too. Everything we did in this world actually sourced from mind. So think smart, then the world will be better

hopefully we will take apart to make our school as a place that brings us to keep our faith in God Almighty.

Thank you for your attention, thats all and thank you.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.